Ash Class

Rivers Trip
We had so much fun on our rivers trip this week! It was a lovely way to spend one of last days together and the children’s behaviour was outstanding - our guide said they really were a credit to the school!
We started off at a beautiful duck pond in Fishbourne and learnt all about the types of water in our area and that birds come from all over the world to use our mud!
We walked to a nearly river where we got in (which cooled us down!) and took some measurements including: depth of water, width of river, size of stones and how long it took a dog biscuit to travel 10m.
Whilst one half did that, the other half were sketching the river and labelling it as we went.
We then walked around to Dell Quay and after lunch, we made some sand river models which we labelled, saw the effects of flash flooding and recapped what we had learnt today. 
The children’s knowledge really shone through and our teacher was really impressed. She even taught us some new words that normally aren’t for children our age!
Enrichment Week 
!Dragon egg found!
This week a Dragon egg was found abandoned in our pond area at school! The children  have used this experience to support some amazing writing in class. Here are some photos and videos from when the dragon egg was first discovered!
The children requested for our reading corner to be opened up so we can use and appreciate it more! They loved sitting in here today during AR reading time! 
Welcome back from home school learning Ash class!

We are so happy to have you all back in class, we have been busy catching up and exploring lots of exciting things  in class the last few weeks. We have loved learning Tudor dancing with our amazing Mrs Barlow on a Thursday and in the short amount of time we have been back in school the children have worked really hard, showing off there WWO skills to learn and perform a traditional Tudor dance. Hope you enjoy it!
We have enjoyed learning chords on the keyboard with Mr Servant using a really cool website called chrome music lab - shared piano. We played along with Mr Servant’s song, playing the chords F and A. Here is a snippet of our accompaniment.
Home Learning Spring 2021
All your home learning activities for this term will be posted on Seesaw. You have been using Seesaw since the first lockdown and are very used to this system. Please check on there everyday for your new activities. If you would like to do more learning during lockdown, please check out the termly overview attached below, for an idea of our topics this term. 
Tips for home learning:
  • Try to set and keep to a timetable each day.
  • Take brain breaks in between your activities.
  • Complete the work to the best of your ability. 
  • Remember we am here if you need any help, so please do send us a message on Seesaw if you are unsure about any of the activities. 
We can't wait to see you all again soon, keep yourselves safe and well!
From Mrs Calton and Miss Cook
Here is our whole school Christmas Nativity!
Hope you enjoy!
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 
Here is our Ash class Assembly! We hope you enjoy seeing and hearing about all the amazing work we have completed during Autumn term.
Have you ever noticed that if you leave an ice cube out on the kitchen counter and come back to check on it in a while, you find a puddle? The same thing happens to ice in nature — if the temperature gets warm enough, the ice melts. In this science activity, you will explore what happens to sea levels if the ice at the North Pole melts, or if the ice at the South Pole melts. Does melting ice at either cap contribute to a rise in sea levels? It is an especially important question for the millions of people who enjoy living along the coasts of the world. This was the question put to Ash class on Science day!
In class we did an experiment that can explain and show the effect of rising sea levels. The children were captivated and incredibly interested by this topic, and it linked really well with our states of matter topic that we are currently learning about in Science.
M A T H S    W E E K
We had an amazing Maths week! we learnt loads of amazing things linked to Black History Month and many influential black people through history and today. We discovered some shocking and eye opening data analysis and learnt how to plot this information on different graphs. We played a maths and influential black people scavenger hunt in the hall in teams showing off our WWO skills. We cracked Mrs Caltons code breaker, then created a Black  History timeline plotting the dates in correct order. We had a Michael Jordan day and played basket ball and compared and measured our skills to his. We learnt all about Rosa Parks and her important role through history. We then brought the week together by making a movie montage of our week explaining the Maths and Black history we had learnt. Please feel free to watch our video on Youtube from the link below. Here are also a slideshow of pictures from our incredible Maths week.
Maths Investigation Day! 18/9/20
Have a browse at our recommended book list targeted for year 4 children. 

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you and your child back to school after a whirlwind few months! We hope you have had a lovely summer and have managed to do some ‘normal’ things with your families. We have a fantastic year planned.

If you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to email the office or arrange a time to speak with us.

 Kind regards, Mrs Calton & Miss Cook