Ash Class

Welcome to our Ash class page!
Please keep checking back for lots of exciting, creative examples of our work,
and follow our class journey this year!
Welcome to our Ash class page!
Please keep checking back for lots of exciting, creative examples of our work,
and follow our class journey this year!
Curriculum Overview and Termly Letters
Curriculum Overview and Termly Letters
This week Ash class buddied up with Hazel class to take Part in some exciting, educational activities and workshops based around our focus Monarch Elizabeth I. The activities were :
-Scavenger hunt 
-Tudor dance workshop
-Sweet bag sewing
- Tudor insults 
-Midsummer nights dream drama workshop 
- Spanish Armada art
- Elizabethan art
- Elizabethan rose poetry
and so much more
This was then all brought together by an incredible celebration afternoon where the children all performed a song and then had a surprise party tea outside all together . It was such a special day. Queenie would have been very proud.
Ash class had a fantastic outdoor learning day this week, they investigated pattern and algebra creating patterns and growing them to the next term. They then had a rhyming scavenger hunt, running around the outdoor area searching for words and creating as many rhyming words to accompany them as possible. This was really beneficial as next week we start our end of term poetry project where we will be creating a poem about our protagonist Grendel, from Beowulf. 
We were absolutely delighted to be invited to this years Big Sing at the Regis high school. It has been over two years since we have all been able to be together, and this Year it was incredibly clear how much everyone, children and teachers needed this. The talent from TRS school singers along with Felpham high schools students was very high. We were particularly blown away by a soloist named Willow singing two beautiful songs accompanying herself on piano. The children said “she gave them goosebumps.” We then began to sing our group school songs that we had been set, the theme of this years. It sing was ‘The Lion King’ all schools were set songs to learn in only 3 weeks, ours being “ Be Prepared” a song sung by Scar in the film. The children found this song quite hard to sing considering it’s more of a song/monologue but they managed to be off lyrics and sung beautifully and did Barton’s proud. Next up they were performing their solo class song, I decided that I would of course challenge them again and they sung a very tricky number from Matilda the Musical entitled ‘School song’ The children absolutely SMASHED IT! So many teachers and children complimented the children on how hard a song it was and how impressed they were with how it was executed. After a brief lunch break we joined for our final group song of the day ‘Circle of life’ this was a beautiful way to finish off the day and really made us all feel like one big team. Ash class had a wonderful day and sung their hearts out, we cannot wait to be back next Year and look forward to next Years theme. 

The children loved making arrays outside outside using stones laying them out strategically to assist our column method multiplication problems. 
Ash class have done so well at badminton this term! Have a look.
Queen Ascension Day!
Ash class absolutely loved being a Queen or King for a day. They took part in may exciting Queen based activities throughout the day, such as, a Maths investigation all about the crown jewels, some Andy Warhol Queen inspired artwork session and finally the children learnt to dance like a King and Queen in PE! The children loved it and learnt all about our Queen and her history since being on the throne.
Internet Safety Day!
Ash class loved working in WWO groups to problem solve and learn all about keeping safe online.
Feeling proud, Ash class have learnt Am and C on the ukulele
Science week 
This week we had a fantastic week that was jam packed with science fun! We started the week off learning all about our teeth and the names of all the teeth. We started a week long experiment where we submerged eggs into different liquids such as cola,water,coffee,milk and vinegar. This was to examine how these liquids reacted to the egg shell which is very similar to the enamel on our teeth, which then led us nicely onto learning all about animal teeth. We then delved into the digestive system, quite literally, as we made our own small intestine and our own poo! We then finished the week off learning about our tongue and saliva with a blind food tasting. The kids loved their week and worked so hard!
Ash class wish you a very Merry and healthy Christmas!
We love Times table Fridays! 
During our whole class sessions on a Friday we often focus on different times tables and develop our fluency on answering questions, and gaining confidence on our speed! This week we had a focus on the 9 times tables and made a fun poster to help us remember them.
We are so proud of how the children wrote and presented their speeches on plastic pollution this week. They had to present their speeches to our Year 6 class which was very nerve wracking for them, but they did so well! We thought you may like to see them!
Ash class have loved our Math's week this term as we had a focus on Black History Month alongside our usual Math's week. We combined incredible stories of influential Black people throughout history to create some engaging and challenging math's activities. In the photos you can see how the children are measuring how high they can jump and comparing their lengths to the talented Michael Jordan, We also compared different data from a collection of white males salary's to black male salary's ( in the US) in different years. we collecting this information in different graphs. The children also learnt about Benjamin Banneker who built a clock entirely out of wood! we used this information to then base our day around time. The children also completes a scavenger hunt in PE where they had to follow instructions as a team and then when they completed the instructions there were math's questions and a fact about a famous black person from history to take note of. The children loved this lesson in particular. All in all the children had a fantastic week and learnt so much about Math's and of course about Black History Month.
We are loving our 'Multiplication Fridays' focusing on our times tables every week this week we had a a focus of speed and we  performed this through loop games. Here is a video of us completing our 6's in under 30 seconds!
The children introduced the apparatus to their gymnastics routines this week with Mrs Barlow!
Active Maths Day
Ash class absolutely loved spending the whole day exploring different outdoor and indoor active maths activities. We had a main focus of place value and explored this through ordering, estimating and capacity. The children loved combining exercise and Maths together and they were able to really show off their WWO skills through a lot of group work!
A warm welcome to the new Ash class page! We are very excited to be back and welcoming you all into Year 4. Our topic for this half term is 'Reduce, Reuse, Recycle'. Our class book for this half term is called the 'Creakers' by the wondeful Tom Fletcher. After half term we will be looking at a brand new topic 'Out of Africa' a topic we are extremely excited about. Stay tuned for an amazing year of learning!