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Bartons is awarded Numicon Advocate School status

As many of you will know, the school embarked on a Maths teaching and learning approach called Numicon nearly two years ago. Over that time, the school has invested heavily in classroom resources and training for school staff. The programme uses manipulative equipment to make Maths  understanding clearer and more meaningful. Our children and staff very quickly enjoyed and embraced the resource based Maths teaching and, across the school, Maths has become a very popular subject.


I am thrilled to announce that after much  discussion with the Oxford University Press and an intense audit of Maths teaching and learning, Bartons have been awarded the honour of becoming a Numicon Advocate school that recognises very good progress made in Maths and the quality teaching of the subject. It also allows us to help other schools in their journey by showing great examples of Maths teaching the Numicon way. What makes this award even more special is that we will be the only Numicon Advocate school in the whole of Sussex. I would like to say thank you to the staff who have positively embraced the  programme and worked so hard. Special thanks to Lynne Lewis who co-ordinates Maths across the school and who supports the staff and children so well.