Beech Class

Welcome to Year 1 Class page. 
Here you can follow our learning journey in the classroom. 
Autumn 1 
This term our topic is "Into The Woods" where we will be learning all about seasonal changes, daily weather patterns and reading maps. 
Maths Week
 Our theme for Maths Week was 2D shape. The children studied the work of two famous artists, Wassily Kandinsky and Piet Mondrian, and had a go at producing their own versions. They also designed shape characters and wrote stories which they made into books. For Maths they looked at the properties of 2D shapes and did some investigations. We had a very busy week!
Maths in Beech Class
In Maths we have been learning to recognise, count and order numbers and to add and subtract. We use Numicon and number rods to help us understand these concepts.
Remembrance Day
On Remembrance Day, Beech Class thought about why we remember those who fought for our country and what the poppy represents. They made some lovely poppy pictures and wrote a simple message.
Our Naughty Visitor!
We found out that we have had a mystery visitor while we were all at home! Mrs. Hazelden found these photo's of him doing some very naughty things in our classroom. As our topic is 'Superheroes' this half-term we have decided to make our own super spoons to deal with him!
Science Week - January 2022
During Science Week, Beech Class learned about materials. We spent lots of time observing and naming different types of materials such as wood, metal, glass, paper, fabric and plastic. We identified objects made from these materials and found some examples in the classroom. We also thought very carefully about the properties of each material: how they looked, how they felt and how they behaved. 
At the end of Science Week we investigated which material would be best for making an umbrella for our class toy. We made some predictions after looking closely at the different materials throughout the week. Finally, we designed an investigation to see which one was waterproof. Most of us predicted that plastic would be the most suitable material and we were right! 
Design Technology - Paper Aeroplanes
As part of our learning in Design Technology, Beech Class have been making and testing paper aeroplanes. We thought about the best materials and folds to use and lots of the children made their own aeroplanes at home. We great fun testing them in the playground and noticed that they flew in lots of different ways!
PE - Ball Skills
Beech Class are really enjoying their PE lessons on Thursdays with Mrs. Barlow. This half term they are learning lots of new skills using a variety of different balls. They have practised controlling the balls with their hands and feet, bouncing and dribbling them.
Book Week - March 2022
During Book week, Beech Class really enjoyed looking at 'Stuart Little' by E.B. White. We had lots of exciting activities planned but we started the week by finding that we'd had a little visitor in the classroom! Stuart Little had been and he left us a note and his story book to read.
On Thursday we were very lucky to have a real author, called Momoko Abe, talk to us. She described where she grew up in Japan, how she became a writer and how she writes her stories. She read us one of her books and we did an activity where she showed us how to draw lots of suns with different expressions. We really enjoyed it!
After reading some of the book, we decided to make a bedroom for Stuart using junk modelling materials. Stuart actually tried out some the beds and he thought they were perfect!
Some of us also made Stuart Little sock puppets using pipe cleaners, felt and googly eyes.
At the end of a very busy week we were able to watch the film 'Stuart Little' and compare it to the book. We've had a really enjoyable week!
Visit to Amberley Working Museum - April 2022
As part of our topic on transport, Beech Class visited Amberley Working Museum. There we were able to see lots of examples of transport, old and new, including trains, buses and fire engines. We began our visit with a ride on a small train.
We saw quite a few buses which were nearly 100 years old. We were extremely lucky to be able to ride on one from the 1920's and had a go sitting upstairs and downstairs. It was very cold sitting at the top!
We looked some other forms of transport in a special garage, including an old car and a motorbike. We also saw some fire engines.
After warming up at lunch time we had a walk around some of the other parts of the museum. We had a really good day and learned lots of facts. It was very exciting actually seeing the vintage modes of transport and being able to have a ride on some of them.
Active Maths Day - April 2022
At the beginning of the summer term, Beech Class took part in the school's 'Active Maths Day'. In the morning we went on a shape hunt in and around the school. We tallied the different shapes we saw.
We also went on treasure hunt around the school grounds, finding and counting different objects and making shapes using natural materials. 
We had lots of fun using chalk outside the classroom to draw number lines, write number sequences and draw shapes.
In the afternoon we played a game on the field where teams had to run and collect bean bags. Each colour had a different value and the children had to add up their points.
Outdoor Learning Day - May 2022
In the morning we worked on a set of Maths challenges outside. We had to find natural objects that were shorter, longer and the same length as our pencils. We then put all of the objects in order of length. It was quite tricky!
Next, we searched for lots of grass, plants, flowers and stones and used them to make some repeating patterns. It was a bit windy so did this in the classroom.
Finally, we went on a sensory walk in the school grounds to get some inspiration for a Spring poem. We used our senses and recorded what we could see, hear, smell and touch outside. For the sense of taste we discussed the food we might eat in the Spring.
Enrichment Week 2022
For Enrichment Week, Beech Class looked at the life of Queen Victoria and what it was like to live in Victorian times.
We studied a very famous Victorian artist, called William Morris, and had a go at producing our own floral, polystyrene tile prints based on his work. 
We looked at how toys were different in Victorian times and made our own toy boats. It was tricky!
As part of our study of William Morris, we used watercolour paints to paint one of his flower designs. Queen Victoria really liked his patterns and he made some wallpaper for her.
We had lots of fun colouring our flags!
Can you name these monarchs? They look a lot like Queen Elizabeth II!
At the end of an amazing week, we had our street party to celebrate Queen Elizabeth's Platinum Jubilee. We waved our flags, wore our crowns and sang The National Anthem. It was so much fun!
Sports Morning - 2022
Here is a selection of photos of Beech Class, taken on our Sports Morning in July 2022.
Our first event was the egg (ball) and spoon race. We had to be very careful not to drop the ball!
Next, we ran the baton relay. We did this in our houses.
Finally, it was the sprint. Some of Beech Class were very competitive! It was a great morning and we all had lots of fun.