Cedar Class

Cedar Class
Welcome to the Cedar class page! Here you will find lots of examples of our learning and information about our curriculum. Please check back regularly for updates.
Sports Day - 
WOW - what a morning! We all took part in a number of field and track events across the morning. There were many close competitions and when the results of the Sports morning were revealed there was only 20 points in it from 1st to 4th place. Unicorn managed to just get in to the lead and win the house cup for the 1st time ever! Well done to everyone involved. 
Enrichment Week
During enrichment week, we came off our normal timetable to study a British Monarch. In Year 5 and 6 we studied Henry VIII and the Tudor dynasty. We learned some interesting facts about him and his six wives. 
On Friday, we celebrated the queens platinum jubilee and had a wonderful tea party outside under the canopy. It was a day full of fun and celebration! 
Outdoor Learning Day
For outdoor learning day, we explored the school grounds and chose 5 objects to include in to a random story. We worked as trios to include these objects in to the story and decide the purpose of our writing. 
Later, we completed shadow art. We filled our shadow with all of the things we care about and things that make us who we are. Check out our photos below!
Active Maths Day
We all had a brilliant day for Active Maths day. We spent the day outside completing times table relays, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division treasure hunts. It was a great way to practice all of the mathematical concepts we have learned across our time in KS2 and to help with our revision. 
Creative Arts Day
We worked together as Upper Key Stage 2 to create a range of board games for the new outside wildlife and outdoor classroom area. 
We created a wooden table top version of Worms and Leaves and also Tic Tac Toe.
Check out our photos below!
Book Week 2022
We studied the book Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief throughout the week. We completed the Masked Reader competition and had a virtual visit from an author. Lots of the class went on to purchase their own copy of the book and we were inspired by a different genre. 
Celebrating the Queen 
On Monday, we celebrated the 70th anniversary of the queen taking the throne. We learned about key events in the history of her reign and the watched key parts of the coronation ceremony. We also designed a new celebratory crown.
Internet Safety Day
On the 8th February it was Internet Safety Day. We read a text about cyber bullying and being disrespectful to people online. The class decided that they would make sure they think before they type to make sure they don't hurt other people's feeling or get themselves in trouble. 
We also discussed our use of screen time and decided the steps we could take to reduce this. We agreed to make more of an effort with our families or spend time outside at the park with our friends rather than messaging them. 
Science Week 
This week in Year 6 we have been studying all about animals including humans. We learned all about the circulatory system, the heart and how important it is as well as learning all about what makes up blood. 
You can see us here making our blood smoothies! We made sure as we were making our smoothie we discussed the quantities and the correct scientific vocabulary. 
Maths Week
For maths week we learned all about 3D shapes and their properties. We used our WWO skills to work as a team. We were able to negotiate and listen to everybody. You can see the outcome of our week below!  
Our science for this term is exploring the evolution theory of Charles Darwin. As part of this topic we have been exploring the changes animals go through over a long period of time. 
We have chosen an animal and completed research before writing our own non-fiction text about our chosen animal after evolution has occurred. 
Chichester Festival Theatre
This term we are lucky enough to be working with the Chichester Festival Theatre. We have continued with our workshops and over the past two weeks we have been learning to write scripts with stage directions. 
We have been learning some very difficult concepts in maths so far in Year 6. We learned about numbers up to 10 million and also worked out how to add and subtract negative numbers. We enjoyed learning new mathematical vocabulary including ascending and descending. 
Chichester Festival Theatre 
At Bartons we love working with CFT. This year is no different! We were invited to a backstage tour and workshop in Chichester. We visited the costume department and the performers dressing room. 
We look forward to working with Chichester Festival theatre across the term.