Chestnut Class

Welcome to Chestnut Class 2020-2021 page.
The children have loved learning all about castles in our "Towers and Turrets" topic! We have learnt about:
  • Different types of castles 
  • Jobs in a castle 
  • How to become a knight 
  • Local study (Arundel Castle)
After learning about the legend of St George, we enjoyed some tradition English food - Scones, cream and jam! Some of us had never tried a scone before but they went down very well!
Recommended Book List
Here is a list of books I recommend for Year 2 to listen to and enjoy at home. I would love to hear about any of the books you have read. 
Happy reading! 
17th March 2021
We created some posters to be displayed in a zoo telling all the visitors how different animals have special features to suit the environment they live in. 
Science Day 2020
We had lots of fun on Science Day.
First we identified the different materials around the school.
Thewe ordered different objects from our classroom depending on the material they were made from and discussed the properties of each material.
After reading “The Three Little Pigs” we tried making our own little houses out of straw, sticks and bricks. We agreed that the straw house was the easiest to blow down.
Remember, Remember the 5th of November!
We watched a fireworks display on the board to help us prepare for writing our own poem based on Bonfire Night. As you can hear, we were very excited!
5th November 2020 - We created our own Bonfire Night poems in English. Check them out!
Maths Week 2020
In Maths week we learnt all about measuring. This included: 
  • Comparing and ordering length 
  • Measuring length in cm 
  • Measuring the capacity of containers in ml
  • Checking the temperature and comparing it to a different season
  • Measuring weight in grams (while baking cakes!)
Followed by a fantastic TTRS themed day to end off the term. We all looked like true rockstars!
We really enjoyed making our fruit salad kebabs. 
In Science our topic is "Plants" 
We've been identifying the different parts of a plant and their function.
In Maths we have learned what the term "estimate" means. We had to estimate how many skittles there were in Miss Grimsey's basket. We then decided it would be easier to group them into groups of 10 (We had 179!) Then we had the opportunity to do some estimating on our table independently