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Digital Leaders

Digital Leaders  
There are lots of children at Bartons who have a passion for computing. We have decided to embrace the children's skills and knowledge of technology and train up some Year 5 children to become our school's Digital Leaders.
The children will meet with Mrs Olliver once a week to learn new computing skills, so that they can become confident experts in all things computing. They will also be putting together some fantastic content for our website, so watch this space. 
As the children become more confident finding their way around new types of technology, they will also become even more valuable assets within the classroom, as they will be able to help and support other children with their new knowledge as well. 
The Digital Leaders will introduce themselves soon. 
Our School
(In Word Clouds) 
The digital leaders wanted to find out what the staff and students really thought of our school so they went on a mission to ask as many people as possible for a word that described Bartons to them.
There were so many beautiful words that we decided to create word clouds using 'worditout' to show off how proud we are of our school. 
As we are also very proud to be a Numicon advocacy school, we decided to do the same thing again but this time asking people what they thought of maths at Bartons. 
Here are our finished word clouds, we hope you like them. 
Creative Art (with a digital twist)
It was creative arts day today (Thursday 14th February) at Bartons. Year 5 were learning about Pop Art, so the digital leaders decided to get together and create some fantastic Pop Art using technology. 
First they had to use the Ipads to take photos of themselves. Next they uploaded the photos onto a Word document and they used the formatting tools to edit and manipulate the colours of the pictures. They put 4 pictures together to create a Pop Art effect. 
I think they have turned out fantastic.