Hazel Class

Enrichment Week for the Queen’s Jubilee 2022
Hazel Class joined with Ash Class to find out about Elizabeth I. We painted pictures, cooked, acted, sewed, danced and found out lots of historical facts. 
                              Sports Day 2022
Hazel Class showed off all their skills during Sports Day this year. 
We all completed an obstacle race : tennis skills, football skills, jumping and throwing. 
We ran a team relay race and finally sprint races. 
Everyone supported their teams and each other as they watched and cheered. 
Well done everyone! 
Outdoor Learning Day 2022
Hazel Class are learning about plants. We have found out the names of the different parts of flowering plants. During Outdoor Learning Day, we looked at the different plants growing around the school. 
                         Active Maths Day 2022
We had a great start to the term with our Active Maths Day.
Throughout the day we used our calculating skills to work out different problems and create sequences. 
Welcome back to the Summer Term in Hazel Class.
We are really looking forward to finding out about plants and the rainforests this half term and then exploring what is happening to our oceans and seas. 
                            The Romans in Hazel Class 
This week we rounded off our Roman topic by battling using our home-made shields. 
We tried out various formations ,the Testudo and the Wedge where we had to work together to defend ourselves. We decided these were better than working individually and they made us feel much safer. 
Accession Day in Hazel Class 
Look at all the amazing crowns and costumes we wore this week to celebrate the Queen's accession to the throne 70 years ago. 
We read all about when she found out she had become Queen and thought about how that must have felt. 
We also looked at pictures and clips from the Coronation. 
During the afternoon we looked at pictures of the Queen's family and how it has grown. We thought about who will be Kings or Queens in the future. 
Safer Internet Day 2022
Here are a few of the posters we made to make people aware of
Safer Internet Day. 
They remind us to be respectful online when we are playing games, communicating with people and using online devices. 
Science Week in Hazel Class 
This week we have been exploring Forces and Magnets in Science. 
We have completed many practical investigations, learned lots of scientific vocabulary and language as well as presenting our work to other classes at the Science Fair! 
We had lots of fun and had some surprising results to our investigations. 
Take a look through some of the photos we took of our week. 
                 Welcome to Hazel Class  2021
It is lovely to be back with all the children in Year 3. 
We have started the term sampling some of the new things we will be learning this year.  We enjoyed our first French lesson and also learning about light and shadows in Science. 
The children have lots of great ideas about how they will work together this year to make our classroom a happy, safe and good working environment. 
 Everyone is thinking about how they will improve their skills and I am looking forward to working with Hazel Class on all the exciting topics we have in Year 3.