Lime Class

Welcome Back Lime Class
It has been great to welcome the children back to school and to see how well they have settled in to year 5 already. I have really enjoyed seeing how enthusiastic they are and they have shown great growth mindset and working with others skills during the first week of school.
I am looking forward to seeing even more Team Bartons spirit as we get stuck into our Year 5 curriculum this term. You can find out more about what we have coming up this year on the Curriculum overview below.  

Lime Class - Year Key information


Our PE days are Tuesdays and Thursdays and children are expected to take part in all PE lessons. They should come to school in the correct PE kit on these days.  

Water Bottles

The water fountains are out of use at the moment so please make sure that your child comes to school with a named water bottle.


Homework will be set via Seesaw on a Friday and unless specified, will be due in the following Thursday. Your child should upload their homework to Seesaw by this day.

Additionally, Children are expected to read either to an adult at home or to themselves for at least 15 minutes a day. Their reading record should be signed every time they read so that we can keep track at school. If your child reads competently to themselves, ask them some questions about the book so that you can see if they have understood what they have read. Discussing different texts with your children will help them to develop their own love of reading.

Maths homework is often set via MyMaths (https://www.mymaths.co.uk/) which the children have a login for stuck inside their homework book. 


Class Trip To Outer Space (sort of)
On Thursday 11th November and Friday 12th Novemer Lime Class went on two school trips. Our first was to Winchester Science Centre where the children got stuck in with all the hands on exhibts. We especially loved the Space exhibit which was full of lots of information about life in space. The children tried to drive a rover across sand, looked at how black holes work and tested the weight of a can of beans on different planets.
In addition, the children were excited to take part in a hands-on workshop where they tried to block some of the sun's heat and tried to re-direct sunlight. 
Finally we headed into the planetarium for an amazing show where we looked for different star constellations and learnt a lot about our night sky. 
The follow day, Lime Class headed to Cineworld with Year 6 to watch A Beautiful Planet. The film, which focuses on life aboard the ISS, was filled with amazing information about the research that takes place on the ISS and how this is helping to solve some of our environmental problems on Earth.
The views from the ISS were stunning and it is safe to say that both the classes as well as Mr Hayne and myself were awestruck looking at our planet from such a unique view. 
Maths Week
The first week back after half term was Maths Week for the whole school. 
During this week, the children were able to get really stuck into learning maths which was linked to their topic of Space.
They read and tried to picture really, really big numbers when we looked at sizes, distances and temperatures of different planets. They also fine tuned their calculating skills by planning a menu and working out the cost and calories of a meal fit for an astronaut.
We had lots of fun discovering and using maths in real life contexts.
Lime Class definitely have maths skills that are out of this world! 
Ancient Egyptian Museum
On Monday 18th October Lime Class put on a beautiful Egyptian Museum for the other classes to showcase their learning from this half term, as well as showing off the fantastic pyramids they created as homework earlier in the half term. 
It was great to see the children talk so enthusiastically about their topic and I know the other classes were really impressed too. Mrs Powell also came along to have a look at what the children have been doing and she commented on the effort and pride they have taken in their learning and their homework.
Well done Lime Class. 
Becoming Archaeologists
As part of our second writing journey linked to Ancient Egypt the children had the chance to become archaeologists and make their very own important artefact discovery - just like Howard Carter.
Their first job was to use clues to figure out a secret code that they would need to enter the ancient tunnel.
Next they had ten seconds to enter the tunnel and discover some artefacts. They then had to come back out and describe these to their partner who would try to draw their discovery. 
They used this experience to inspire some amazing diary writing.  
Making A Mummy
As part of our writing journey, linked to Ancient Egypt, Lime Class took part in some role play which involved 'mummifying' one of the children. Alex was our lucky volunteer and he made a fantastic mummy. Luckily,this was only temporary and we managed to 'un-mummify' him in time for lunch. 
The children all engaged with this activity really well and were excited to then write explanation texts,so that other people could learn how to mummify someone as well.
This was a really positive start to our Year 5 writing journey and it is great to see the children so keen to use all their Year 5 GPS skills already.