Science Day!

Science Day!
Mr Hayne took each class for an exciting experiment. Mr Hayne dropped a whole packet of Mentos in to a two litre bottle. We discussed what might happen and then we watched the eruption!
On Monday 13th March, the whole school took part in a Science day as part of British Science week. 
As you can see from the pictures below there were lots of different investigations and experiments going on around the school.
Year 5 spent a day looking at forensics and crime scene investigation. 
Year 4 spent a day experimenting with balloon rockets.
Year 3 spent the day building and firing Roman catapults with giant marshmallows as ammunition.
Year 2 spent the day learning about habitats of different animals and enjoyed an afternoon learning walk in the sunshine around the school. 
Year 1 enjoyed a fantastic day riding their bikes and investigating forces.
Reception investigated sound and how they could make Goat's Hooves quieter. 
We all had a fantastic day and the school was buzzing with excitement!