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'Virtual' Sussex School Games is coming to Bartons!
At 9.15am on Monday 27 April, the 'Virtual' Opening Ceremony will take place on social media for the Specsavers 'Virtual' Sussex School Games, kicking off a term of sporting challenges giving children across Sussex the chance to represent their schools alongside their friends and classmates, and compete to be Sussex champions.
How Does It Work?

Every week throughout the summer term, a different sport will take place, made up of four personal sporting challenges which can be completed from home; in the living room, kitchen or garden, or at school.

Scores for each challenge will be submitted online, and will contribute towards the school's average score, so it doesn't matter whether you are a big school or small school.

Gold, silver and bronze medals will be awarded to the best scoring schools in each sport, with separate Primary and Secondary competitions. There will also be an Active Adults category with trophies up for grabs, so parents, teachers and carers can get involved and represent the school too.

As well as medals in individual sports, overall leaderboards will be kept, and overall Sussex Champions crowned at the end of the summer term.

A new sport, and it's four challenges, will be published at 9.30am on a Monday morning, on www.sussexschoolgames.co.uk, on social media, and sent directly to those signed up to the mailing list.

Participants have until midday on Friday to submit their scores, and leaderboards will be published later that day.

GB athlete Luke Lennon Ford visits Team Barton’s!

Year 3/4 Quadkids


12 children from Year 3 and 4 represented the school at a local athletics competition against 8 other schools. The children had to take part in 4 events: 60m sprint, 400m run, vortex throw and the standing long jump.

The boys started with the sprints and the girls begun with the throws. NeoKwame finished 3rd in his heat and all the other boys ran very well, not giving up including Dylan who finished 2nd. The girls threw well too. 

Then the roles were reversed and the girls were brilliant in their sprints. Alice and Grace both won, while Maja and Harrie finished 2nd in their heats.

In the long distance, Maja finished 4th and everyone gave it their all.

Well done to all the children who competed today. You represented the school so well!

Team: Dylan, Peter, Grace and Emi-Jo; Alice R, Lyla, Harrie, Maja, NeoKwame, Joey, Elliot and Harry.


Football and Netball B tournament – 16th January


At this tournament, Bartons performed particularly well, especially the netball team.

The netball team won all of their games except for one, which they drew, and didn’t concede a goal! The excellent coaching by Mrs Chandler was evident as they were independently able to recognise their new positions in line with the rules from High 5s. They we are able to score, time keep and play at a good level. The team were particularly dominant and passed well, creating many scoring opportunities which led to some goals.

Well done to Isla, Meri, Nicola, Kacper, Logan, Lydia and Katie

The football team were fantastic too. We took 2 Year 4's (Ollie and Hugo) who played brilliantly at the back, 2 Year 6's (George and Mikolaj) and 3 Year 5's (James, Tyler and Kevin). We won 3 and lost the rest although the boys played great.

Tyler never stopped running and Kevin was a rock in the midfield. James scored a couple of belters and the boys were exceptional. Anyone watching would never have thought they hadn’t played together before,


New Age Kurling – 11th January

Before this day, none of the four boys had even been Kurling before so it was a fantastic achievement to finish 8th out of 16 schools.

New Age Kurling is similar to the Kurling you see at the Winter Olympics except that it is played on a sports hall floor and with stones that have wheels.

George, Harry, Henry and David all played brilliantly. They worked as a team, discussed their own tactics and we incredibly supportive of each other. Well done to the four of them for showing great attitudes


Sportshall Athletics – 12th December

On the 12th December, 16 Year 5's participated in an indoor athletics competition at The Regis School.

They had to throw, jump and run against 8 other schools from the locality. Well done to all the children who competed but extra congratulations to the children who took part in the following:

Boys triple jump: 3rd

Boys Javelin: 2nd

Girls 1+1 sprint: 3rd

Girls Javelin: 1st


Girls Football – 27th November

Barton’s have some superstar footballers! The girls played 8 and won 6! They drew 1 and lost one to the eventual winners.

Even in the rain the girls played their hearts out, putting in good challenges and finding the net on many occasions. Katie W scored double digits, with Rosie, Jazzy, Lydia and Summer all contributing too.

After not winning for the first 2 games, the girls went on a fantastic streak of 6 straight victories. They won 3-0, 4-0 and 5-0 in these victories and played brilliantly as a team but could only finish second, which in hindsight was a fantastic achievement.

Well done to all the girls who represented the school with great sportsmanship, skill and teamwork!

Team: Katie W, Lydia F, Caitlin, Jazzy, Vienna, Summer, Rosie J, Alexis


Boys Football - 8th November

On a very cold night 8 boys from Year 5 represented the school at the Regis in a football tournament. They were up against other local schools and despite being a year younger they put a good account in of themselves.

The boys drew 3 and lost 5 but that doesn’t tell the whole story.

They started off with a couple of losses. This was understandable as we had 3 boys who have never played a tournament before and it was Barton’s first football team!

In the next game, we drew with goals from Alfie B and Jax. They boys started playing a lot better, passing it more and being more combative at the back. This trend continued for the rest of the evening although we just couldn’t find the back of the net in some games.

Well done to all the boys who played.

Team: Riley C, James P, Bailey S, Jax K, Alfie B, Alfie S, George O, Kai R