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Chris Barratt

With a daughter at Bartons, I am a Parent Governor and very pleased to be contributing to the success of Team Bartons. Following a short military and a long police career, I have been working in the aviation industry as a safety and security manager. I am also a lecturer at the Berlin School of Law and Economics and the Emirates Aviation University.  Working in a highly regulated industry with high levels of governance and inward analysis, I have experience in evidence-based oversight which is at the foundation of the Governance principles.

My interests are ensuring that our children receive the best education and development support that they can get and that the staff also have the support and resources to deliver that.

Richard Doherty

I was elected to become a Parent Governor in September 2019 and am very happy to be a part of Team Bartons. With my daughter at Bartons and two more children to come in the next few years I felt this was a great opportunity to contribute to the ongoing and future success of the school.  

I have lived in Bognor Regis for the last 30 years and have a real passion for the local community and seeing the children develop and grow in the best environment possible.  I believe my background in Project Management and my experience of leading and working within various project teams will help me drive the vision and direction of the school. I am excited to be part of the team and to take an active role in the school’s journey ahead.

Jo King

It often falls to the local vicar to take on a role on a school governing body, a role some fear, but I love.  Before becoming a vicar, my working life was spent in education, teaching from Year 2 to Year 11 and most things in between.  I have worked particularly with young people who have challenging behaviour and those excluded from mainstream education.  I have also been on the ‘other side of the fence’ as I was a Parent Governor for 6 years whilst my oldest daughter was in primary school. I have always loved exploring the numbers and working out what our data tells us about who is doing well and where we need to ensure no one gets left behind.  It is great to be part of Team Bartons and do my bit for children and families in North Bersted.

Charlotte Neaves

For 17 years I worked for Chichester District Council then West Sussex County Council in the Community Safety department. When my son started at Bartons in 2015, I wanted to support his school to grow from an infant to primary school and bring some of knowledge of partnership working and community cohesion to the school.
I am part of the curriculum committee and take in a keen interest in the range of topics the children are learning. As a parent and governor I enjoy supporting the extra curricular activities and opportunities the children have at the school such as school plays, sports, raising money for the school and charities and I have even helped teach dance to some of the children.

Amanda Oyns

I am delighted to be a part of the governing body as a co-opted governor at Bartons Primary as I was keen to undertake a voluntary role when we moved to the area nearly 4 years ago.    I have an admin, finance and management background along with experience of working in Surrey schools in the role of school business manager and clerk to the governors.  Although my main focus is on resources, I am enjoying the challenges and rewards that all aspects of the Governor role entails.

Mike Pink

I have worked in education for over 15 years at Chichester College. During this time I have forged many relationships with a number of influential people within the education sector. I have also had the pleasure of being part of an Ofsted ‘Outstanding’ team, when the college was awarded this status in 2014 and know the passion, commitment and hard work it takes to get there.

When my son started school in September 2017, I was really keen to become a parent governor at Bartons. Using the knowledge and experience I’ve gained at college, I am passionate about helping the school in its own journey to becoming ‘Outstanding’ and I’m happy to give all I can to the wonderful Bartons family.

Ali Powell

I have been teaching for 21 years, primarily in upper Key Stage Two.  I joined 'Team Bartons' as Deputy Headteacher in 2017 having taught in two other West Sussex Schools. I love English, especially immersing children in engaging texts and creating exciting cross-curricular learning journeys.  Recently I have taken over the lead of PHSE.   I am also an experienced SENCo, a role that gives me the privilege of forming close working relationships with children and families who need support. 

I take responsibility for the analysis of pupil attainment and progress and  I support the Governing Body in interpreting this performance data.  

Kate Powell

I have been in teaching in West Sussex schools for 27 years and in the 7 primary schools that I have worked, I have been a Governor in each one. Over the years, being a Governor, has given me a real insight into every aspect of a primary school including curriculum development and finance to name a few things. 

As a teacher, I loved to teach Maths, English, History and P.E best and I have always been excited by the creative arts especially co-ordinating productions and concerts. As a Headteacher, I have really enjoyed developing Team Bartons, raising standards and working with the children and Governors to build a school community where the children love to learn, have fun and are extremely proud of their school. 

Helen Reynolds  

I have been a teacher for 25 years, having previously worked in banking. I have taught in various infant and primary schools across the country gaining experience in different settings and circumstances. For many years I taught and led in Early Years and Key Stage 1 but now teach Year 3 at Bartons.

My personal interests are Art, Creative Arts and PE.  Our recent development of the whole curriculum across the school ensures that all these areas are fully included and that progression of skills within each area are clearly identified.

I work as part of the Senior Leadership Team and have been a member of the Maths leadership team. I am now part of the English Leadership team helping to develop the teaching of phonics.

Julia Sheppard

I joined the Governing Body in September 2019 as a Co-opted Governor.  I had a 20+ year career working in various education roles, including Education Welfare, the Youth Service and most recently as Head of Pastoral Care and Inclusion in a secondary school, where I was also the safeguarding lead.  I have a lot of experience in working with young people, their families and teachers and have always felt passionate about helping children to reach their potential.  I have a grandson at Bartons and am delighted to join Team Bartons to contribute to the school moving forward, raising standards and having happy children.

Claire Tarrant

I am the manager at Dizzy Ducklings Pre-school and was invited to join Bartons as a co-opted Governor in March 2019.  I like to support children in transitioning from pre-school to primary school. I have worked with children for over 25 years.  I am a trained Early Years teacher with an interest in English and Phonics. I have also worked with Numicon in the past. 

James Waddon

I joined Bartons in December 2019 as a Co-opted Governor and whilst only being involved with the Governing body for a short period of time, I have thoroughly enjoyed meeting the team and getting involved in this thriving school.

I have lived locally in North Bersted for just over three years after re-locating from London and work as an area manager for a national housing association. My job includes being a key member of the Sussex housing industry as a liaison between tenant and landlord over repairs and maintenance. I enjoy interacting with people from all backgrounds.

 I have joined the resources committee and hope to use my analytical skills from the housing industry to support the school with budgetary and regulatory processes as well as enjoying being immersed in the school community whether supporting the children at extra-curricular activities or making teas and coffees at parents evening. 

After starting a family and our young daughter due to start pre-school this year, I have taken a real interest in the local community and my daughter’s early development. I am passionate about education and I think it’s very important for children to have early development opportunities and I plan to provide an active role with supporting this at Bartons.

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