Oak Class

Oak Class 2019
Working With Others  September 2019
What would be your must have kitchen appliance?
We used our communication skills and made decisions together as a group.
Maths - September 2019 
How many combinations of train carriages can you make? 
We used a CPA approach to help us work systematically and explain our thinking.  
Darwin's Delights - Evolution and Inheritance.
A fantastic work shop.  We studied different skeletons and predicted what animal they were.  It was interesting to find out how the wolf evolved into a dog.
October 2019  Natural selection. 
We have been learning about Natural Selection by reading the book 'Moth' by Isabel Thomas. It was interesting to find out why there were more black moths than peppered moths. It also made us realise the impact of pollution on living things.
Maths Week   October 2019 
Maths week 
In Maths, we were investigating the volume of 3D shapes. We found shapes that had the same volume but different length, width and height. Some of us used isometric paper to draw the 3D shapes. 
November 2019       Year 6 Residential 
We spent an amazing week at PGL Marchants Hill. During the week we took part in a range of Outdoor Adventurous Activities including  archery, fencing, clip and climb, zip-wire and giant swing.  We were proud of what we had achieved and made memories that will stay with us.
November 2019
We disco danced to raise money for Children In Need.  Well done to the School Council for organising the whole event.