Congratulations and welcome to all of our new children and families who will be joining us in September. We can't wait to meet you.

Chestnut class

Welcome to our Year 2 class page!
Here you will be able to keep up to date with all our wonderful learning. We will regularly update you on the interesting and exciting work we have created throughout the year. 
King's Coronation Day
Chestnut had a wonderful day celebrating and learning all about the kings coronation. The day was filled with History, Coronation cookies and arts and crafts. Long live the King!
Active Maths Day 2023
Chestnut loved Active Maths day this half term! The main focus was time. The children completed different lessons outside that linked to the topic time. this involved, telling the time, duration and timing of assault course tasks. They absolutely loved it, and so did Mrs Calton.
Titanic trip 2023
Chestnut class had a wonderful time visiting the SeaCity museum in Southampton learning all about the Titanic tragedy. The children's behaviour was amazing and they really made us all so proud. The leader was so impressed with the children's knowledge already saying ' I'm not sure what i can teach you, you know so much'
The day whizzed by and we loved every minute of it!
Our book week book was 'There's no Dragon in this story' We loved diving into this story exploring all different kinds of themes such as rejection, bravery and overcoming things that scare us. The children in Chestnut class teamed up with Year 1 and Reception class and took part in puppet shoes, drama workshops and dragon making amongst a lot of other exciting English lessons. We finished the week off with a fantastic fashion showcase in the hall where we showed off our incredible mythical creature fancy dress.
Science Week!
Science week 2023 went off with a bang! Chestnut class were looking at every day materials and linked this to Titanic our new topic. We used every day materials to test which materials would be best to make life jackets for the titanic. We tested floatation, absorbency and waterproof materials. The children loved all of the experiments and predictions and we finished off the week with an incredible science fair show casing all of our work.
Chestnut class have loved exploring time in class this week. We focussed on o’clock, half past, quarter to, quarter past and even 5 minutes! The skills and understanding shown this week have really impressed us! Here are some photos showing all the exciting work we have been doing.
Science Day
Our science topic this term is ‘everyday materials’.
We started off the day talking about different materials and  aiming items that could be made from those materials. Then, we went on a material hunt around the school followed by sorting similar materials into hoops.
This lead us on to a discussion about why certain materials are best to use when making/ holding certain things.
We finished our day with experimenting which pig used the best material to make a house. When the ‘wolf’ blew the houses we made, the only one that didn’t move or even wobble was the Lego brick house!

STEM week 2023

The children of Elm, Beech and Chestnut Class took part in some incredible workshops around the theme of ‘TRANSPORT’ delivered by outside companies. Here is a brief description of the workshops that came in to work with the children.

Brickies Club - aims to inspire a future generation of Master Builders by delivering brick events, using LEGO® elements that focus on nurturing imagination and promoting creative play.

Boat workshop – Take part in the boat building challenge session, working together in small teams against the clock can they memorize e the elements that comprise the battery powered boat?

T10 Automotive - The world is seeing a seismic shift with the move towards hybrid and alternative fuel vehicles with consequences which will affect the way these vehicles are bought and sold, serviced and repaired with alignment to the new technology and higher voltage electricity and technology

Alongside these incredible workshops the children took part in exciting lessons and experiments planned by the  key stage 1 teachers. Classes merged throughout the week and the children were immersed in incredible science, technology, and engineering and mathematics challenges.
Arundel Castle visit
Chestnut class were  lucky enough to visit the beautiful Arundel Castle this week. They went on a tour of the keep, the church the Armory room, the banquet hall and the dungeons as well as eating lunch in the beautiful grounds and garden. It was one of the best trips we have ever been on as Teachers and really recommend a visit if you can. 
Chestnut class had a fantastic creative arts day. We focussed on the artist Kandinsky, learning all about he created art with shapes, mostly circles, triangles and squares. He also let music inspire his work and brush strokes so all day we listened to a range of music to help us create our work. We started the day off using shapes to draw around in pencil , ensuring the layout was not to over crowded and that only bold straight lines were used. We then begin using bold bright colours to fill in the shapes eventually creating some fantastic pieces.
This week in maths we have been focusing on Kg and grams and converting grams into fractions. The children took part in a chestnut class bake off at the end of the week where they had to follow a basic method with ingredients to make a fruit cake... The taste testing was very interesting and their was a clear winner! well done group A!
Growth Mindset Afternoon
Today we used our growth mindsets to tackle origami, we followed step by step by step instructions to make flower petals and combined them to make flowers. We are going to use these flowers to make a chestnut class garden to add things to throughout the year. 
We are so incredibly lucky to have so many different cultures within chestnut class, for our geography topic we are looking at different foods from around the world, looking at the way they grow and the climates at which they grow in. Gloria kindly agreed to come in to share the tastes of Ghana with us. The children learnt all about the clothing, culture, foods and traditions along side tasting some INCREDIBLE foods that Ghana has to offer. Foods  such as: yams, plantain, rice and peas, Jollof rice, papaya, mango, pineapple alongside some Ghanaian chocolate and coconut water. It was such an incredible experience for the children to take part in. 
Chestnut class have loved experimenting and playing with all the concrete numicon apparatus. They have been pushing out of their comfort zones and trying new things this half term. We are really proud of them!