Ash Class

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Thank you for all your hard work! Here is some more great work that you have done and sent in for us to see! You have been working so hard and we are super impressed!
Home Learning Update
Well done to all of you who are continuing to work really hard and send us in your fantastic work. I know it is difficult to continue to remain enthusiastic as the weeks are going on, but remember to keep checking in with us; even if it's just to let you know how you are. We love those of you who are sending pictures of other things you have been up to such as cooking for your family, making dens, getting creative and for asking how we are and telling us any struggles that you might be having. Remember that although we can't see you in person, we are still here to talk to.

Here are some pictures of your work, showing what you have been up to since Easter. You have done some absolutely amazing diary entries linked to VE Day, designed some creative mythical creatures, kept active and many more exciting things!

Keep up the good work and please remember to stay in touch!

Ash Class - Summer Term 2020


Welcome back Ash Class! We hope you have all had a restful break. It has been an impressive start to the Summer term so far with many of you continuing to try your hardest with your Seesaw activities; which we will continue to set daily.

Our topic this half term is ‘Myths and Legends’.


We have put up an activity link on Seesaw so that you can take part in the 'Virtual' School Games. Many of you have signed up already but if you haven’t there’s plenty of time to join. It starts at 9:15am on Monday 27 April with the ‘Virtual’ Opening Ceremony and launch of the first sport. Each Monday morning during the Summer Term, a new sport will be launched, made up of four physical or technical sporting personal challenges, which can be done from the living room, garden, or school. Throughout the week you can practice, train and improve, before submitting your best scores in each challenge ahead of the Friday deadline (12pm midday). Your score will be added to your school total, meaning that you can be part of your school team, and compete against all of the other schools in the county!



We have started sending the ‘virtual’ working with others baton home and our value this term is responsibility. If you ‘receive’ the baton please look carefully at the skills on the letter and think about how you can show that you have used these skills at home. We will share this work each Wednesday.



Lastly, Mr Mott is a music teacher, who I’m sure many of you have met, and he has kindly made some videos which we will be putting on Seesaw for you to have fun with.


So please continue to log into Seesaw daily and keep up the great work!


Home Learning
We have been so impressed with the hard work that we have seen so far over the last 2 weeks! 
You have sent us presentations on your Tudor topic, danced, done Joe Wicks with your family, become chefs, written beautiful poetry, weighed food items and multiplied them, created some inventive art pieces and lots more! Thank you for your dedication and hard work, I know it is a little different, but you are coping so well and we are really enjoying getting to know you even better! 
Keep up the hard work please!
Independent Learning @ Home
To support your learning from home, here are some useful links to help. 
The West Sussex library service have online resources. This service allows eBooks and audiobooks to be downloaded to your computer, tablet or mobile devices. This is another tool to support reading at home. 
All you need is a West Sussex library number and the RBDigital app.
The Novium Museum Trip
Visit from an athlete
We had a visit from Luke Lennon-Ford, a GB sprinter who put us through our paces in a speedy circuit! He told us all about his life and how he got into running and what he eats in between training!
 Science Week
During Science Week we have been learning about our teeth; different types and the role they play in our digestion. We even had a go at making a set of teeth out of clay! Later in the week we found out which parts of the body are involved in the digestive system. We then made a model out of items including tights to show how our body processes food, how our body uses the nutrients from food and what happens to the waste! At the end of the week we showed off our work at the Science Fair.
African Workshop
We have been incredibly lucky this week, we had an African workshop in class presented by the wonderful Quao family. We were transported to Ghana, and learnt all about the Ghanaian cultures, food, dress, music, housing and religions. All from the comfort of ash class classroom. The children and myself were overwhelmed with how much we learnt, and how much we enjoyed ourselves. Lots saying 'I need to move to Ghana' and i was joining them! The children asked some incredibly mature and interesting questions to our guest speakers, and i was very impressed with how many tried some new foods that they hadn't ever eaten before, including papaya fruit and plantain crisps. Thank you so much to the whole Quao family for this insightful and educational afternoon.
Visit from an author 
We had a wonderful visitor this week into Ash class, Beryl Kingston. Beryl is a well known author with over 32 books published. She kindly came into our class to answer some hot seat questions picked out by the class. We then took an extract from one of her books and picked out all the English devices we could spot and  loved such as fronted adverbials, alliteration, similes, adjectives and expanded noun phrases. All linked to our work in English this term. Beryl was very impressed with the children's mature questioning and also what they noticed about her writing. Thank you so much for visiting Beryl, and we cant wait to read your new book ' Cat'. 
Maths Week!
This week the children have worked in 5 separate WWO groups to design and create a baby nursery for Miss Cook. The children had to tackle different challenges such as:
  • Area and perimeter
  • Adding and subtracting
  • Budgeting
  • 4 digit numbers
  • Money problems
  • Creating mood boards
  • Delegating 
  • Supporting and encouraging others
  • Working as a team
The children worked incredibly hard and I was very impressed by all of their creations at the end of the week.
ELECTRICITY! We learnt how to make a basic circuit in Science today. We then included a motor to our circuit. 
We loved using our fantastic WWO skills in D&T, working in teams of three to create some awesome 'Worlds of waste' based on our amazing class book 'The Creakers' by Tom Fletcher. It linked nicely with our Geography topic, showing how we can reduce, reuse and recycle our items.
We have loved securing our knowledge of 4 digit numbers. We played loop card games to help with our speed and accuracy.
We LOVE using our WWO skills in gymnastics to improve our sequences.
Welcome Back!
I hope you are excited for another year of amazing learning in Ash class! Stay tuned for lots of exciting activities happening in the next few weeks. A copy of the yearly curriculum overview and Autumn newsletter is available to download below.