Ash Class Year 4

We have had an exciting start to the new term, Science week was brilliant and today's visit from a Tudor gentleman  taught us loads about the Tudor throne.....
Welcome to the new Ash Class!
we have spent lots of time on WWO (working with others) activities and built these Stig inspired shelters in 15 mins!
We had a brilliant time during maths week, we learnt about perimeter and planned our own sports pitches.  We then made a Dragons Den style presentation!  We also spent time planning how to make money through our silent auction and what we might spend the money on!
Spellings: irresistible, irregular, irrational, illegal, irresponsible
Our spellings for the 20th October: immortal, impossible, important, imperfect, impolite
We had lots of fun today on our  upcycling projects, And just a small amount of mess!!
Keep practising your spellings: insecure, inaccurate, incomplete, infinite, indecisive
We used our maths and PE skills, bouncing, catching and solving number trios.
We are really enjoying Stig of the Dump by Clive King.
This weeks spellings: caught, daughter, autumn, cause, author, can you remember the meanings of all these words?