Ash Class Year 4

Here is a copy of the 2019 Summer newsletter for Year 4
Ash Class are really enjoying the Vikings Topic and have been finding out about Viking ways of life.  In computing they researched Viking longboats and in DT they started to make them! We started off with practising some joining techniques with Miss Veenstra.
This week as well as taking part in lots of exciting Book Week activities we have been working hard on decimal notation and picking apart the play A Midsummer Nights Dream. We also read a short version of Romeo and Juliet, Ash class love a tragedy!!
On Monday we took part in Safer Internet Day 2019, Ash class shared lots of their safety advice and we took part in an online quiz, we scored 80%.  We then created some eye-catching posters to share with the rest of the school.
A huge thankyou to Paul Ulson, aka John Grey.  He taught us so much about the Tudors today including a Royal timeline through drama, explaining/ sketching some Tudor artefacts and we learnt how to play some Tudor board games. Hayden said "The best bit was playing The House of Fortune because its interesting and really complicated!"
Maizie said "We found out a lot about the Tudors, it was really cool!"
Here is a copy of the 2019 Spring Letter for Year 4
Science Week has been spectacular!!!!
We spend our first days back concentrating on our WWO Skills (Working With Others) We discussed this Terms main skill, COMMUNICATION.
Thank you all for your involvement and support in our Up-Cycling, we raised an amazing £54.00 for resources for Ash Class.
Science Day was brilliant! we learnt about States of Matter, solid, liquid and gas.
Here are our upcycled challenge items, if you would like to make a bid please do so on the letter we sent home (or a scrap of paper!) Please state the maximum amount you would pay for the item and the number from the photo.  Happy bidding!
In Art this week we looked at what Stone age man used to create painting, we gathered some resources from nature and some spices from Mrs Hillier's cupboard and ground them with water and PVA glue using a pestle and mortar.  It was great fun to create these natural pigments.
Maths Week- Upcycled Maths Challenge
Today we had am amazing day on our upcycling challenges, we have been working in teams to upcycle 5 unwanted, unloved chairs into something modern, colourful and fabulous!!
The team work and ideas were brilliant. After half term we will let you know more about our exciting silent auction.
Our next set of spellings use the prefix 'im' which means not or into, they are:
immortal, immature, impossible, impatient, imperfect, immovable, important, impolite, immeasurable, improper
Fantastic homework Ash Class! it was great to see the variety of resources you all used to create the Stig shelters.
The second set of spelling use the prefix in, they are:
inability, indefinite, inactive, incorrect, inaccurate, insecure, incomplete, infinite, inedible, indecisive
We appreciate these words are pretty tricky! however, we discuss the meanings of them first and what a prefix is, we practise these within school along with a set of tailored Spell-Its spelling from the Common Exception words.
Our maths investigation day was so much fun! here are some photos to show some of the things we did together.  
Welcome to Ash Class!
The children have made a super start in Year 4 and are already working hard.  Thank you for all the brilliant All About Me boxes, we have been sharing them with the whole class and using them to inspire some poetry in the style of a Kenning.
This weeks spelling are words with /aw/ spelt with augh and au
caught          clause
naughty        cause
taught          astronaut
daughter      applaud
autumn         author
Alongside these spellings the children will have their own set of 'Spell It' words to practise within class.