Welcome to Beech Class!
Beech is our Year 1 class. Mrs Duggan is the teacher. Please see the curriculum page for details about what we are learning.
Here is a copy of the letter about our trip to Arundel on 20th June.
In RE we are learning about Hinduism. Some of our mums learned a Garba dance and came in to show it to us. We had fun learning some of the moves.
One of our lovely mums came in and showed us how to play a conch shell. It is  played to call Hindu worshippers to prayer.
We had great fun trying out lots of Hindu craft. Mrs Duggan got to try on a Sari and Miss Jewson had a Henna 'tattoo'! We tried lots of tasty food and made beautiful Rangoli patterns. 
Maths week!
We had fun creating Gingerbread men to sell in our bakery. We learned about weight, counting and money. 
The Gingerbread Man mystery!
A team of mischievous gingerbread men kidnapped our fox. This is what they left behind
Book Week!
We had lots of fun in book week. On Wednesday, some of us read our favourite book to the class. It was fun sitting in Mrs Duggan's chair!
We went to Amberley working museum to learn more about how transport has changed over time.
We got to ride on a 90 year old open-top bus.
Bike day!
we had fun learning about the 'Penny-farthing' bicycling machine
We enjoyed riding our bikes on different surfaces and learning about forces.
On Tuesday, we made pancakes as part of our literacy learning. We used the experience to write instructions on how to make pancakes. It was great fun!
Some real life heroes came to visit us in Beech Class.
We read the book 'Coming Home' by Michael Morpurgo and created our own version based on our talk for writing learning. We hope you like it!