Beech Class

Hi Beech Class it's Miss Grimsey! (I've snuck onto your class page and uploaded a video for you to watch) I cannot wait to welcome you into Chestnut classroom in September! 
Have a wonderful summer!
Summer Term
This term our topic is Amazing Animals and we have been having a brilliant time in school learning more but are really missing the rest of the class! Here are some pictures of our work we have completed in school and online. In Science we have been learning about different types of animal, what they eat and where they live and then writing fact pages about them. We have also been learning about trees and how to recognise them. In Art, we have been learning about Henri Rousseau's famous painting of a surprised tiger and we created some amazing leaf pictures. We have been sorting human and physical features in Geography and for maths we have been matching arrays to a multiplication calculation and then sharing them out when we divide. Our final project for Year 1 is to plan and write about our 'virtual' trip to Marwell Zoo as we could not visit there as a whole class together. Its lovely to see how much Beech Class have grown over the year! Some of us are braver, more independent, tidier, taller, faster and have less teeth! 
Half Term Measures Work
Letters to Mrs Pett
We miss you so much Mrs Pett and I know you have missed the class too so here are their lovely letters to you! We imagined we had tied lots of balloons to the house and they took us on an adventure!
Summer Term
This term our topics will be 'Street Detectives' and 'Amazing Animals'. We will be learning about the history and geography of the local area. Later in the term we will be focusing on animals in Science.
I have been so impressed with effort you have been putting into your home learning, your parents have been working really hard to support you at home so thank you parents!
We will continue daily Phonics, Maths and English lessons in addition to our topic related activities. If you would like to contribute to story time send me your reading clips on Seesaw to share.
We have started sending the 'virtual' Working with Others Baton home and will be sharing what you have done each Wednesday.
Keep up with your daily shake ups, stay active and healthy and enjoy your home learning everyone!
Take a look at our Home Learning activities
This week we have been writing instructions and learning how to multiply and divide. What a busy week!
Tuesday 31st March
I hope you enjoyed the story time yesterday. It was certainly the quietest story time I have ever had!!
On Thursday for Design and Technology I will be asking you to design and prepare a healthy meal for your family using items you already have at home. Start thinking and planning! 
Go to Seesaw for today's activities and check back here for photo updates of your excellent home learning. Have a wonderful day!
Monday 30th March
Good Morning Beech Class! I am missing you all loads so the lovely pictures and videos are cheering me up a lot. I hope you had a good weekend and have been getting some fresh air and exercise each day. Check Seesaw for your activities and go to Seesaw for story time. (and you don't have to sit in your carpet space!!)
Friday 27th March
Good morning everyone! I loved your videos yesterday, they were fabulous and made me so proud of you all!
Go to seesaw for your activities, we have lots of games to play today for phonics and maths then a nice relaxing afternoon of art. Lovely!
Thursday 26th March
Good morning! Check seesaw for today's activities. Don't forget to start collecting bits of scrap card and paper for our collage art lesson on Friday. Have a good day.
Wednesday 24th March
We were supposed to go to Amberley Museum today. Its such a shame but to cheer us up let's start the day with some exercise! Around 1.4 million people tuned in to do a workout from their homes with Joe Wicks on Tuesday. We joined in from school, it was great fun! I want us all to have a go this morning at 9am. Click on the link below.
Then check Seesaw for today's activities. Have a magical day!
Tuesday 24th March
Good morning everybody!
Watch my video and answer the maths question of the day on seesaw.
I have attached a link to an e-reader website below. See if you can find a comic about Amelia Earhart! It’s a great website because it will read aloud to you and you can follow along.
Go to seesaw for today’s activities. 

Monday 23rd March

Explain to someone at home how you know which of these numbers are even?  

2      3      6      11      12

 Today we have English, Maths and PE! Check Seesaw for these activities. 

*Start collecting some junk modelling/recycling bits for our collage art lesson on Friday*

Welcome to Beech Class
Our topics this term are 'Taking Flight' and 'All Aboard!'
Have a look at our newsletter and learning journey to find out more.
Book Week
We've had so much fun with the books of Julia Donaldson this week! We have made our own storybook with a sliding part, read The Smeds and the Smoos and written book reviews! We shared books with our lovely year 6 buddies from Oak Class. Dress up day was hilarious, we had so many witches, stick people and Gruffalos. Everything from mice, ladybirds and little girls to mermaids and dragons all playing the recorder in our music lesson. 
In maths we have been learning about half and quarter. We made cucumber sandwiches and cut them up into halves and quarters. 
Poetry Recital
In English we have been learning lots of poems and nursery rhymes. We invited our grown ups to a poetry recital. We were all really brave and did an amazing job!
Science Week
In Science we have been learning about materials and their properties. We tested objects to see which materials would be best to mend Mrs Morris’ umbrella. We made, tested and measured paper airplanes and to finish the week off, we shared our learning at the Bartons Science Fair!
Children In Need
To raise money for Children In Need, we donated £1 to take part in a special school disco. We had so much fun raising money for a good cause!
Maths Week
We have had so much fun this week learning about 2d shapes!
We started by looking at different small shapes and how we could rotate them and fit them together. We combined our maths shapes focus with RE and learnt about Rangoli Patterns, creating some of our own. We then discussed the properties of 2d shapes while creating them using geo-strips and playdough. We then started sorting into groups and deciding which shapes did not belong in a group, comparing similarities and differences. Well done Beech Class! Take a look at our photos and video to see more. 
In P.E we have worked so hard this term with Mrs Barlow, learning how to form the different gym shapes with control and tension. Take a look at our final lesson video where we have built a sequence of 3 shapes including a travel between the apparatus.
We have been learning about parts of our bodies and our senses. Mrs Morris gave us lemons to taste!