Beech Class Year 1

We  went to Marwell!
Take a look at our videos and photos from our busy, but extremely wonderful, day out.
We learnt:
9:10 is an even earlier time to be asking for lunch!
Snow Leopards and Tigers are carnivores (and also sleep a lot)
Cows in a field viewed from the coach are just as exciting as Zebra seen up close
Giraffes have long, black tongues (and like to lick windows and doors?)
Maribou Storks are carnivores
White Rhinos are herbivores. The eat grass....a lot.
There are lots of playgrounds at Marwell!
On Bike Day we read Mrs Armitage on Wheels and recreated her bike in our classroom! We labelled our bikes and discussed the materials the different parts were made from and why. Then we rode our bikes and scooters!
We went to Amberley Museum, we had such an amazing time!!
We discovered...
9:40 was when the first person asked if its lunchtime yet (the train hadn't even left the station)
We rode 3 trains and had 2 bus rides!
Frankie can fly!
James and Emily can drive
Amelia and Olivia are great at being bus conductors
Train horns are really loud
Old telephones are really good fun
We all look good in hats (especially Mrs Pett) 
Book Week
Science Week
We have been learning about Materials and their properties in Year 1.
We based our science investigations on well known stories this week.
We read the 3 Little Pigs and conducted tests to investigate which material would be best for building a strong house.
We tested different types of materials to see which would make the best mirror for the wicked queen in Snow White.
We then used our knowledge of materials to predict which material would make the strongest bridge for the 3 Billy Goats Gruff.
We have had such an exciting and fun filled week!
Take a look at our photo's and videos to learn more.
Spring Term
We have lots of exciting learning planned this term! Our Spring topic is 'On the Move'. In the first half of the term we will be looking at stories from around the world and learning about different artists and famous people from different countries.
After the half term break we will be learning about how transport has changed over time and will be visiting Amberly Museum. More information to follow soon.
Take a look at our termly planner for more information about what we have planned.
Autumn Term
Our topic this term is Superheroes. Please take a look at our curriculum overview to find out more about the exciting learning we have planned. Our Year 1 Autumn newsletter is also attached here. 
Please keep checking this page for more updates over the term.
Autumn Update
We have had a very busy start to the year in Beech Class. In English we have been learning how to write character descriptions and posters. We have been reading '10 things I can do to help my world' and 'How to fill a bucket' to help us with our writing.
In DT we have designed and made 'Superspoons' and  capes which look fabulous! Our Science topics this term have been 'The human body' and 'The Weather' where we conducted observations and recorded them in our own weather diary. 
In Maths we have been telling adding and taking away stories. We have been learning about the special symbols we use in our calculations and what they mean using words like 'and, add, minus, subtract, equals and makes'. We are now comparing numbers and amounts using greater than and less than < >.
We have also been enjoying our Music lessons with Mr Mott and our PE lessons with Mrs Barlow. We have learnt a range of body shapes and balances in gymnastics and we are now putting together a fireworks themed dance.