Chestnut Class

Welcome to Year 2
Our topic this term is 'Beachcombers' where we will be looking at how Bognor Regis started as a fishing town, the fishing history, the similarities and differences between the beach from now to 100 years ago and we will also be learning about a lady named Mary Wheatland. 
I am so incredibly proud of you Year 2. Thank you for all your hard work, even during lockdown! I have loved receiving all your work and pictures (they've made me smile every day!)
Hello Chestnut Class
Here is a video about moving on to Year 3 and a little taster of what we will be learning about. 
I’m looking forward to working with you all again in September. 
Have a lovely day 
 Mrs Reynolds
VDAY 2020
On Friday 8th May we celebrated the 75th anniversary of VE Day. Although are celebrations may have been different to how we anticipated, we all had a wonderful day at home with our families. Lots of us baked, some of us decorated our houses and some of us even had afternoon teas in our gardens! 
I have been blown away by all the learning that has taken place at home. I am so proud of you Chestnut Class and all the wonderfully creative ways you have shown how you are using all the skills and methods we have learnt in the classroom. 
Check out our beautiful art work that we sent to a local care home
Maths Home Learning 
Along with our academic home learning, I have been giving Chestnut Class a 'practical skill of the day'every day. We have done lots of jobs around the house, from hoovering to cooking the dinner!
Towers and Turrets Topic 
Welcome to Spring Term! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a very happy new year to you all! We have a fun-filled term coming up with our topic 'The Unsinkable" and I have been blown away with the homework Chestnut Class have done!
Our class author was Oliver Jeffers who wrote 'The day the crayons quit'. When we arrived into school our chairs had quit and left our classroom! They left us a letter to say they were fed up of being swung on and not being tucked in. We had to survive the whole day without chairs (we really struggled and didn't realise how dependent we were on our chairs.) We thought it would be a good idea to write a letter to our chair to tell them that we were sorry and pleaded for them to come back if we promised to looked after them. Hopefully they come back! 
We really enjoyed having West Sussex Fire and Rescue Service visit us in school. They taught us how to stay safe around fire and what to do in an emergency. We were lucky enough to be able to go inside the fire engine and see all the different tools and equipment that firemen use on call outs. 
We really enjoyed our class trip to the SeaCity Museum in Southampton on Friday 31st January. We learnt lots of facts that we didn't already know about the Titanic and even got to dress up as crew, first class and third class clothes! 
Miss Grimsey and Mrs Cook learnt how many times it is possible for Chestnut class to ask is it lunchtime yet before 10am. 
But! Disaster! Our coach broke down on the way home! This is how happy we were when the new coach arrived and we could finally set off home. 
Science Week 
During Science week we looked at everyday materials and their uses. We did lots of different experiments including testing which materials sink and float. We also learnt about Charles Macintosh who invented a waterproof material and we then created our own waterproof material by rubbing wax crayon over fabric. Check it out! 
Monday 6th January 2020 was a'Working with others' skills day. Our school value this term is Communication and we had a big focus on working as a team and communicating effectively. We had loads of fun, check out the different team building games we did!
We had so much fun raising money for Children in Need on Friday 18th November and really enjoyed the 'Pudsey Disco' 
Maths Week 
During maths week we did lots of different exciting activities all to do with measuring. We: 
  • Measured length in cm (we measured items around the classroom as well as our heads!)
  • Measured capacity in ml (we measured water in measuring cylinders)
  • Measured weight in grams (we made biscuits and measured out the ingredients)
1st October 2019 - This morning we received some very special post; a letter from a giant! We were super excited and we cannot wait to write a letter back to him. 
Linking in with our 'Field to Fork' topic, we really enjoyed making fruit kebabs. Some of us tried fruit that we had never tried before and really liked it!