Chestnut Class Year 2

Welcome to Chestnut Class!
Useful documents for Year 2 parents
Summer Term
This half term we are learning all about Pirates.    On the first day back we received a letter and a treasure map from Captain Redbeard.   We had to follow the trail through creeks, over mountains, through the shark infested water, tiptoe past Captain Blackbeard, some of us had to walk the plank and eventually we came across the treasure.  It was a real adventure!
'Maths of the Day' Day
We enjoyed taking doing our maths learning outside on 'Maths of the Day' Day.  We worked in teams and used our WWO skills.
3D shapes
We have been refreshing our knowledge about 3D shapes in our Geometry lessons.
Our topic during the first part of Autumn Term was...
Field To Fork
We have been learning about recipes.
To help us we made a fruit salad!
After making our fruit salad and reading lots
of different recipes, we worked as a class
to create our tool kit.
We can use it when we write our own recipes.
To prepare for our Science focus on plants, we have been planting different seeds so we can observe them grow and see how they change. 
We looked at the Artist Andy Goldsworthy in our Art lessons. We used natural things from our environment to make our sculptures, using our WWO skills when working as a group. 
Our topic during the 2nd half of the Autumn Term was...
Things that go bump in the night
In RE we made these Advent wreath candles after learning why Christians have Advent. 
In English, we read 'The Wolf's Story' and discussed how it was the story of Little Red Riding Hood but from an alternative viewpoint. 
We acted it out so we could experience the story from the perspective of the other characters. 
In Maths we continued to use the equipment to understand Place Value.
We explored different ways of partitioning a number into Tens and Ones. 
We had a sponsored walk for Children In Need.
Science Day
We learned about materials and their properties. We used our knowledge to make a boat and tested it. 
In Maths we used the Numicon to help us work with money. We looked at how they are linked. 
In the first half of Spring Term our topic is...
Fire and Ice
We started with our 'Working With Others' skills day.
It was great fun.
We launched our topic by learning about hot and cold colours in art.
We looked at the Artist Paul Klee.
We used 'Separation in the Evening' to inspire our colour mixing. We created different shades of either a hot or cold colour. 
We worked in pairs to create our own piece inspired by Harbinger of Autumn. We put them all together to create this class piece. 

Science Week
We learned about Living Things and their Habits.
Science Fair!
We took our work to the Science Fair to show other classes what we have been learning.
We had a chance to look at other classes to find out what they have been doing too.  
The Titanic
During the second half term we learned all about life on the Titanic and how it sank.
We read a book called Samson's Journey. It was about a mouse that travelled on the Titanic. We wrote stories and diaries as Samson. Our independent writing really impressed Mrs Stone.
SeaCity Museum
We loved our day out at the Seacity museum. We learned how to steer the Titanic along Southampton water, keep the engines going and what life was like on board for the passengers and crew. 
We are working hard with Numicon to help us to add and subtract.
Book Week
Our costumes were amazing. We had fund dressing up and taking part in reading activities during Book Week.