Elm Class Year R

Our introduction to All Creatures Great and Small involved welcoming some very unusual creatures to our classroom! We had a hissing cockroach, a giant land snail, a corn snake, a hermit crab and a tarantula.
We learnt lots of interesting facts about them.
We read The Very Ugly Bug story, which was very funny. Then we made our own ugly bugs.
We have started linking our maths to One is a Snail and Ten is a Crab. Its a story all about adding feet together, so we will get lots of practise.
Welcome back!
We have started the Spring term with two days of Working With Others activities and then Science week.
All children participated enthusiastically and enjoyed the variety of experiments we  set up. We talked about the importance of hand washing to remove germs and looked at germs using some fluorescent gel.
We also observed what happens to plants/flowers when they do not have what they need to grow.
At the end of the week we tried to predict and then find out where ice could be placed to slow down or speed up melting. It was a cold day so some of the ice remained for quite a long time before melting, but inside it soon became water.  
Our new topic 'If You're Healthy and You Know It....' has continued with discussions on healthy eating, cleaning our teeth, drinking water and doing different types of exercise. We will continue to explore these themes and relate our own experiences of keeping healthy within our discussions.
Over the next few weeks we have some visitors coming to Elm Class who will help us to expand our knowledge of how to keep safe.
We are looking forward to learning together and sharing our ideas and results.
At the start of this half term we had maths week. There were lots of activities involving numbers , shapes and counting in our class.  We used shapes to make patterns and pictures about space - our new topic. 
We made rockets showing numbers counting down from 10-0 (or blast off!) and are learning to use our knowledge of numbers to say what is one more or less than a number. We are learning to identify the numbers, order them and count groups of objects accurately.
Welcome to Elm Class at Bartons Primary school.
We have had a busy few days in our new class, with all of us making new friends as we explore our classroom and play area. 
We are looking forward to working with all of you over the year and learning lots of new and exciting things.