Elm Class Year R

Welcome to Elm Class 
Foundation Stage
Our Day at Goodwood Organic Farm. 2nd May
We had a very wet day at the farm, but we had our wellies and raincoats on.
We set off on the coach and spotted lots of animals on the way; horses, pigs, sheep and birds.
Have a look at the photos to see what we did at the farm.  
What a busy term we have had !
We have learnt about bears - real and story characters and have a new class bear called Fred. He goes home with a different child every week and shares adventures with them. We are keeping a diary of everything he gets up to.
We have been cooking , sewing and making cards for various occasions and celebrations.
Our book week was very exciting; we dressed up as characters from our favourite fairytales and made our own fairytale books.
We have planted beans, measured beanstalks and counted Giant golden coins. We have added magic beans and recorded how many beans make 5 (in lots of ways).
We are now looking forward to our Easter celebrations and more learning next half term, when we will be 'Out and About'.
Phonics in Reception
We have started the year by listening out for sounds around us and identifying them.
Now we are learning about rhyming. We sing lots of songs and nursery rhymes and  listen out for rhyming words in stories and poems.
We use our outdoor area all day. We have a writing shed, all sorts of building and construction resources, bikes and scooters, climbing equipment and a lovely role-play house. We can use sand, water dough and the mud kitchen as well as paint and chalks.  
We cover all the areas of the Early Years curriculum, through our indoor and outdoor activities. We make lots of new friends as we play and learn.
During maths week we used the Numicon and lots of other resources for counting and finding out about numbers.
We sang a song about 5 apples at the top of a tree. Each day one more apple turned from green to red. We represented all the different number bonds using green and red pegs on the number 5 Numicon piece.
We counted conkers and looked for the correct piece to match the formation in the egg boxes.