For our topic 'Where We Call Home' we visited Bognor seafront.
The General Election
What would you promise to the nation if you were Prime Minister?
Write and present your manifesto to the class!
Working With Others - making decisions together
Can you balance a metre stick on your finger. As a group, can you lower the metre stick to the ground?
It's not as easy as it looks. It takes a lot of team work, good communication and compromising.
Try it at home?
Science Day
Rockets and running fun!
We have been learning about skeletons. Mr Bones paid us a visit recently. He knew lots of facts about bones. He was very funny and taught us his dance!
We are learning about myths and legends. We are going to be writing our own myths and legends so we have been learning how we can write super sentences. We have focused on fronted adverbials this week. Here are a few examples.
We have had a great maths week! We made 3D shapes, drew bar graphs and solved lots of fraction problems.
Without warning, the slimy dragon ate his innocent prey.
Almost unbelievably, his huge ears were actually talking to me. They looked so ancient.
Twenty times a day, the griffen would sharpen its magnificent claws.
Pizza making! Yum yum! 
21st March 2017
This week children in Hazel class took part in their first philosophy lesson. It was incredible! They were able to discuss a very difficult question with maturity and intelligence. They learned how to disagree with someone politely but still get across their point and justify their ideas.
"An earthquake has hit Bognor Regis and a teenager decided to loot someone's house. What should happen to them?"
Well...a lively debate followed. Many arguments were put forward and argued but eventually we had a vote. The results can be seen below:
  • They should be sent to teenager prison for a few days 45% 
  • They should just get a warning 25%
  • They should be grounded for two weeks 20%
  • They should be sent to prison  5%
  • They should be executed! 10%
I am looking forward to our next philosophy lesson!
Exploring magnets: The Magic Paper Clip
Why does the paper clip move?
Reading: 20th January
Well done Hazel class! You have taken more quizzes this week and our class average score has improved.
It was 79% and now it's 81%.
Keep it up...
Journey through our rain forest paintings!
We have been using our inference skills in reading. We read a text together about a spaceship that crashed near a house. Using clues in the text, we were able to think more deeply about how characters were feeling and behaving in a particular manner. 
Fossil art work
Counting in 8s song!
Counting in 4s song!