Hazel Class

Friday 17th July
Look at Seesaw for some fun, interesting activities for today.
Have a lovely SUMMER HOLIDAY
See you in September !
Thursday 16th July 
PE : WS Challenges /Cosmic Kids
English: Pick an activity (seesaw) 
Maths: Mass activity
Topmarks games - hit the button, coconut game. 
Wednesday 15th July
Hi everyone,
I am not adding anything new today as the codes are changing and there may be a few delays in you being able to sign in to Seesaw. However, you can continue with the following:
MyMaths: complete the activities set so far
TT Rockstars- try to move up to the next level
Prodigy maths game
Read a book of your choice /continue the Summer reading challenge
Complete postcard and beach projects
I hope to see you this afternoon.
Tuesday 14th July
Find your friends wordsearch
Maths : Division and fractions
Comparing mass - learning about mass
Continue projects
Hello Hazel Class! It’s Mrs Calton and Miss Cook here! We have snuck on here to send you a little video introducing ourselves as your new teachers for next year! We can’t wait to welcome you into Ash Class in September and we hope you have a really lovely summer!
Welcome back Hazel Class to the Summer term . 
We are starting our home learning again with a new topic Blue Planet. 
We will be exploring different areas of Geography, English, Maths, Science and Design Technology and much more. 
So keep checking in to Seesaw every day to see the activities and messages. 
Monday 13th July 
PE keep active with Joe Wickes or any of the activities I set last week.
Please complete your beach poster projects, postcards from home and sea adventures this week for English.
Maths: Division , short written method
Division Millionaire game.
Measuring mass using kg and g 
Complete the work about what you love about Year 3 . 
Have a lovely day. 
Friday 10th July
English: Complete the beach project and writing workshop
Revise word types activity
Maths: Complete multiplication work
Friday maths challenge BBC Daily
MyMaths: Complete today's set tasks
This Year in Hazel Class - seesaw activity
Keep active : Jasmine PE activities
Thursday 9th July
Keep active with Sportopoly or continue with Jasmine PE activities. 
English : Continue with your Beach project, Sea Adventure story and Postcards from home 
Work on those tricky spellings you chose at the start of the week
Read your own choice of book/magazine
Maths: Camping Conundrum
MyMaths : Complete set activities 
Multiplication Magic : Continue the various questions set on Monday
Wednesday 8th July 
PE: Have a look at some of the activities on Jasmine -Real PE. to keep active today!
French : Duolingo - Continue your learning and find out more French words and phrases.
English: Reading fun 
Writer's Workshop - Make a up an adventure / silly story for the guinea pig at sea!
Maths: Continue with the multiplication work set for 4 days. 
Mymaths : continue to complete activities set.
Prodigy/TT Rockstars/ Topmarks games 
Tuesday 7th July  Head over to Seesaw for today's home learning activities.
PE /Keeping active : Choose an activity you enjoy
Maths: Multiplication magic
Mathsframe games (seesaw)
English: Continue with your projects for the week
Wider Curriculum: Build something useful
Monday 6th July    
Keep active : West Sussex School Challenges, Joe Wickes workout
English: Write the message for your postcard from home (project set last week)
Spelling: Look back through all your spellings.
Maths: Short written method for multiplying - introduction video and questions.
MyMaths : complete activities set (don't forget to sign in first)
Prodigy game
Wider curriculum: Weekly project- Bognor Beach poster.
Independent Learning @ Home
As we are currently learning at home to consolidate our learning at school I thought the following information might be helpful.
The West Sussex online library service. This service allows eBooks and audiobooks to be downloaded to your computer, tablet or mobile devices. This is a tool to support reading at home. 
All you need is a West Sussex library number and the RBDigital app.
If you do not have a library card you can sign up online. 
There are also free ebooks to read on Oxford Owl at Home https://home.oxfordowl.co.uk/ - you need to register. There are lots to choose from for all interests and levels of reading. There are also activities and ideas to use at home. 
Some more of the great Artwork we have created for our home learning . 
We have been learning about sea pollution and thought about its effect on the creatures in the sea. 
We also played a game called Roll a Picasso ....here are the results! 
Some more of the lovely work by Hazel Class, completed for home learning this term. 
I am so proud of them for working really hard. 
We have been researching facts about rain forest animals  and have put together fact files . Here are some of the pictures and models made by members of Hazel Class .