Hazel Class Year 3

Science Day:
Wow...what a day.
We investigated what magnets do...
We made skeleton models...
We found out what a skeleton does...
We named some of our bones...
We planned an experiment about plant survival...
We research fossils on the internet...
We drew posters about plants...
We made slime!
Hazel Class
The class have settled really well into Year 3. I am very pleased with their work so far.
We will be learning about Rain-forests and studying the book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
For more information, please read the topic overview below.
Thank you.
Mr Parsons
Maths Week
In maths week we had lots of fun! 
We played maths games, partitioned 3 digit numbers, investigated ways to make 24, investigated factor pairs and investigated different ways to make pentominoes.
This week in maths, we have been leaning how to count several one digit numbers very quickly. To do this, we tried to find numbers that made 10 first. We also tried to spot doubles and near doubles. We played some fun games and soon, we were experts!
In the film, Ollie was explaining to the class how he mentally added groups of numbers.
We are busy taking reading quizzes. We are trying to get 80% of the questions correct. Once a week, we listen to each other read. We call it paired reading. Here are some photos!
Maths Investigation Day
Game 1: Place numicon pieces 1-9 on a 3x3 grid. Each row, column and diagonal has to total 15.
Game 2: Throw two dice and find the total. Remove your counter if you have the answer. First one to remove all their counters wins.
Game 3: How many right angles can you find on the playground?
Game 4: Roll two dice to make a times table. Draw an array to show the times table. Can you fill the sheet with arrays without leaving any gaps?
Game 5: Race each other, jumping on numbers on the playground. Can you count in 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s, 25s, 100, 200s?
A super day Hazel class. Well done!