Hazel Class Year 3

Enrichment Week!!!
We have kicked off our new and exciting topic this term with a BANG! We have created a beautiful sea themed class board with our incredible homework that we created over half term.
WELCOME BACK! Summer term is here, and we are incredibly excited for the next two half terms of learning. We are starting with the Stone Age, then after half term we will start our brand new topic Blue Planet. 
Our WWO focus this term is Problem solving and responsibility. 
During our Roman topic, we were so inspired by the Mosaics we saw during our trip to the Fishbourne Roman palace, that we decided to make our own. We loved the finished result.
Move aside Dominoes... Hazel class LOVED creating their own pizzas in class, and rumor has it, they tasted yummy too!
Welcome back Hazel! Happy New Year!
We had a fantastic start to the year, with two ‘Working With Others’ days focussing on the topic ‘Communiction’. The children loved learning Makaton, and are excited that we will be carrying this on throughout the year, Including whole school  learning of Makaton. 
Spring newsletter is attached as a separate document.
Roll on another fantastic term with the wonderful Hazel class, Love from Miss Cook and Mrs Terry.
This week we have been learning about 'Forces and Magnets'. The children have really enjoyed and learning about forces such as 'Push and Pull' and how friction affects different objects. We then focussed on 'Magnets' the children loved experimenting with different strengths of magnets and testing and measuring the differences. We then created our own magnet fishing game, which I'm sure you have all had the pleasure of playing by now. 
We loved performing our Hazel class assembly. We hope you enjoyed The Great Kapok tree as much as we do!

Hazel Class Maths Week.

This week we have worked really hard with worded maths problems. As a class that something that we really struggle with so this week we have managed to tackle those misconceptions and now we feel really confident with worded maths problems. Miss Cook also presented to us a problem, she wanted to build a zoo but she was only able to afford 6 animals. Miss Cook needed our help to decide which 6 animals she should choose, we helped her decide by collecting data through tally charts, and then presenting them on a bar graph. We loved this activity as we had to collect data from all of our friends and then find out the most popular animals to be chosen. We loved creating our bar graphs as we haven’t done this before.

We loved sharing all of our hard work with you all! We really enjoyed our dinosaur topic and we are sad that it is over now, however we are so excited for our new topic ‘ The Rainforest’. We have lots of exciting things on the way, so stay tuned! 
Hazel class just loves Music with Mr Mott on a Wednesday
We really love doing Maths investigations in groups, we can really show off our WWO skills and impress Miss Cook