Welcome to Lime Class!
Our learning environment
Our topic for the second part of the Summer term is...
Where We Call Home.
To help us learn more about where we live, we visited Bognor seafront.
We worked in partners to make notes about all the things we saw on the trip. This will help us write a leaflet about Bognor.
We learned all about light in Science.
We created underwater artwork ready for the
Art Gallery at school.
For the first part of the Summer Term our topic was...
We created our own mythical creatures and painted them using watercolours.
We worked in pairs to create a PowerPoint about something we love.
We learnt how to add a hyperlink!
We voted as a class for the ones we liked the best.
Our homework was to learn a poem to perform to the class.
Science Workshop
We had a visit from a Scientist.
He showed us lots of fantastic experiments!
Watch a video of our 'volcano' chemical reaction.
Look at a video of the bottle rocket.
Listen to how much we loved it!
Our topic for the second half of Spring Term was called...
We made pizzas!
We went to Fishbourne Roman Palace!
To launch our topic we had a visitor.
He was a Briton who worked for the Romans.
To prepare for our visitor our homework was to make a Roman shield.
We used them in a battle!
It was an amazing day!
First half of Spring Term our topic was called 'Interesting Italy!'
We have been learning about Volcanoes.
In our Art lessons we've been learning about great Italian artists in history.
Click on each picture to find out more about the artist. 
We watched Alex and Lucy's stories and discussed the mistakes they made and what they should have done differently.
In the second half of Autumn half term we were learning about rainforests.
In Science we have been learning about flowers.
In the first half term we were learning about dinosaurs. 
We even made our own museum.