Lime Class

Lime Class - Year 5 
Home learning Summer Term 2020
Welcome back to a rather different summer term. I hope everyone had a rest over the two week break and that you are all ready to continue your home learning for a bit longer. We will continue to set work through SeeSaw so please log on around 9am every weekday morning to see a message from me and your daily tasks. 
As you continue on this new learning experience try to stick to your school routines as much as possible, this will help you to structure your day and keep a sense of normality during these unprecedented times.
Make sure you take breaks between your learning to stretch your legs and get your eyes away from the screen. Please don’t stress or worry about any of the work that I’ve set. Just try your best and most importantly, have fun. Remember myself and the rest of the Team Bartons staff are still here for you all and we are only a message away on SeeSaw. 
I am looking forward to seeing all the exciting work we will produce this term. 
Mrs Olliver
Perspective Photography
I set the children a challenge to create some perspective photography at home. I was really impressed with the creative photos they produced. I think we have some future photographers in the making. 
Comic Creations
One of the first home learning tasks Lime Class had to do was to turn themselves into a superhero and create a comic strip of their adventures. I was so impressed with the effort they put in. Here are just a few examples from their great work. 
Dropping The Ball
During the second half of the Spring Term, Year 5 are learning about forces. We have begun to investigate this by looking at Newton's Laws of Motion. So far, the children have learnt the first law:
If an object is in motion, it will continue moving at the same speed, in the same direction, until another force is applied to it.
They then tested this theory out by sprinting across the playground and trying to drop a tennis ball onto a line and then into a basket along the way without slowing down. The children learnt that even when they released the ball directly over the basket or the line, it would not land there because the ball was already in motion, moving in a different direction. 
Fire Safety
On Tuesday 3rd March Lime Class had a visit from West Sussex Fire and Rescue Service to learn about how to keep safe in the case of a fire. They learnt different ways that typical fires start and how to help prevent them by switching appliances off at the wall and not overloading plugs. Most importantly they learnt that if they ever experienced a fire at home they should:
The children also had some time to look at the Fire Engine that was parked on the playground. They learnt about the different tools and how they are used. They were particularly interested in the tools that are used for cutting through cars. 
A Trip To Space
On Wednesday 5th November, the children were shocked to arrive at a school to a video message from an alien that had visited our classroom overnight. He had crashed and was asking for help from Lime Class. He just wanted to go back home. The children began to come up with some great ideas of how to help him. They suggested things such as: 
  • Building him a new spacecraft.
  • Find his own spaceship. 
  • Find out more about the planet he came from so we can find a way there. 
  • Build him a new planet. 
  • (My favourite suggestion) - Call NASA. 
Our week got even more mysterious on Thursday when a device arrived with a note that just said PORTAL on it. We chose someone very brave to put on this alien device and travel through the portal into space. We then created a bank of exciting language describing how we felt and what we could see. The children came up with some incredible vocabulary such as:
  • astonished
  • endless
  • mind-blowing
  • Like being in a frozen firework
  • extreme
  • intense
  • eye-catching
  • immense
 We will be using these rescue ideas and amazing vocabulary in our writing over the next couple of weeks.  
Welcome back. We hope you had a fantastic summer and are ready for an exciting year ahead. We have lots of fun learning coming up. Remember to take a look at the key information for year 5 at the bottom of this page. 
On Friday afternoons in Lime Class we get all technical. Over the last few weeks we have been discussing the term E-Safety and the children have been learning and explaining what this term means. We have focused on looking at this in relation to being online and online communication. 
This week we started our new focus in computing - coding algorithms. To do this we will be using Micro:bits.
This was the first time that the children have used these amazing little programmable devices and they were very eager to get stuck straight in. We discussed what the Micro:bit was and what it could be used for and then we had some time to explore the programming block interface - which the children are familiar with from previous work with Scratch.
We set about creating our own game of rock, paper, scissors and the children then enjoyed playing against each other’s Micro:bit. 
Egyptian Homework
Wow! Two weeks ago I set the children the task to do some research into their favourite area of our Egyptian learning and then to put together something to show the rest of the class. I told them to be as creative as they would like to be. I am so impressed with the standard of work they have bought in and the confidence they have shown whilst sharing their work with the rest of the class. Well done Lime Class. 
Welcome Back Lime Class
It has been a busy few weeks already in Lime Class. The children have settled in to year 5 really well and have shown great working with others skills already. I am looking forward to seeing even more Team Bartons spirit as the term goes on. 
Over these first few weeks the children have also shown of their maths skills by taking part in maths investigation day where we were looking at ancient civilization number systems and trying to decode them. We have also recently been doing some learning around fractions and it was lovely to see the enthusiasm from the children when they were able to make connections with some of their prior learning. 
In literacy we have been exploring the idea of writing for purpose. This half term Lime Class are writing to inform and as part of this we were lucky enough to discover some Egyptian artefacts in the school grounds. Needless to say this has sparked some great ideas for our writing. 
Lime Class - Year 5 
Key information
Our PE days are Wednesday and Thursday and children are expected to take part in all PE lessons. 
On Wednesdays during the Autumn term we walk to the local swimming pool and the children take part in swimming lessons. Children will need to ensure they have a coat in school on these days as we will still walk to the pool during rainy weather. 
Children should have the correct kit with them in school and it is advised that their PE kit stays in school for the week for clubs and in case there is a reason for PE to change days.
Water Bottles
Please make sure that your child comes to school with a named water bottle.
School clothes and PE kits often get misplaced so please make sure that your child's name is visible on all their clothing including PE bags so that their items can be returned to them if they get lost.
Homework will be set most weeks on a Friday and unless specified, will be due in the following Wednesday. Children are expected to read either to an adult at home or to themselves for at least 15 minutes a day. Their reading record should be signed every time they read so that we can keep a track at school. If your child reads competently to themselves, ask them some questions about the book so that you can see if they have understood what they have read. Discussing different texts with your children will help them to develop their own love of reading. Maths homework is often set via MyMaths ( which the children have a logon for stuck inside their homework book. 
We also expect children to regularly practice their times tables. This is a fundamental skill and the quicker and more fluent they are at this, the better their understanding of Maths will be. As a school we have a great resource that the children can use at home - Timestable Rockstars. You can follow the link here for this and the children have their own logon which is also stuck inside their homework book.