Lime Class Year 5

Lime Class
A warm welcome to our class page from Mrs Calton and the children of Lime class! We have all settled in well to our new year group (including Mrs Calton!) and are looking forward to the fun-filled, challenging, hard-working year we have ahead of us. Please check our page for regular updates and to see what we have been getting up to!
Happy reading,
Mrs Calton and the Limes
Key Information
Please ensure your child is wearing the correct school uniform and that all items of clothing and shoes are named.
PE days:  
Please ensure that children have the correct kit on the correct days and that all clothing is named. In addition to their house PE top and shorts, children will need an outdoor kit for the cold weather(jumper, tracksuit bottoms and trainers). Long hair will need to be tied back and earrings removed or taped.
Water bottles & sun cream:
As the weather is getting warmer, please could you make sure children have a named water bottle in school everyday. It can stay at school during the week and go home at the weekend. Please also ensure your child has sun cream on or brings their named cream into school.
Pencil cases:
Children are welcome to bring in a small pencil case with their own stationary if they wish to do so. This is not compulsory as we will be providing all the necessary equipment needed.
This will be sent home on a Friday and will be due in on the following Wednesday. The homework will consist of Reading, Writing and Maths and will support the learning in the classroom.
We are trying to promote a love of reading with our children so it is really important that they are reading everyday at home in addition to as much as possible at school. Reading and good comprehension skills are proven to have a positive effect on children's learning. Please support us and your child by commenting and signing the reading record when you have heard your child read.
This term's topic is:
Keen to be Green
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This Term's Topic is:
Reach for the Stars
During Maths Week we researched the amount of calories Tim Peake would need in a day on the ISS if he was doing an EVA (extra vehicular activity). We found that it was about 3600kcal! After reading all the food choices on the ISS, we decided to choose some ingredients that we liked and made our own space noodles! We spent a long time researching the calories, mass and cost of our noodles and worked out problems such as: How much would it cost to feed all 6 astronauts currently in space, our noodle meal for 1 week. We then put our powers of persuasion to good use and wrote a letter to NASA's head chef explaining why he should buy and use our space noodle recipe!
Astronauts are put through rigorous training such as being able to recall, from memory, a certain amount of numbers. Here is a clip of us having a go!
This Term's Topic is:
It's A Mystery
During this week we did a range of experiments to do with water.
We looked at different types of sugar and conducted our own experiments to find out whether sugar dissolves in water or not.
We studied a big lump of ice and noticed some interesting features. We had a look with magnifying glass, looked at it in the dark with a torch, put some salt on it and used food colouring to see what happened - we found this very fun!
One of our favourite experiments was finding out which 'jacket' would stop our ball of ice from melting the most. Most of us predicted that the thickest piece of material would cause the ball of ice to melt, but the experiment proved us wrong!
Our Trip to Paultons Park!
This term we have been learning about forces in our Science lessons. At Paultons Park we took part in 2 workshops. The first one was called 'Science of Soap' and we got to create our own pieces of soap to take home! The second workshop was linked to our forces topic as we looked at the physics behind rollercoasters! We had a great day and learned so much about the forces that are used on the rides!
This Term's Topic is:
Ancient Egyptians
We were given lots of pieces of timeline and we had to lay them out in the correct order. This was an interesting activity as we had to work together to find the piece that went at the beginning. We have a better understanding of BC and AD now and we were able to see how long periods of time lasted for; we were surprised by the Stone Age length! 
In Maths this week, we have been learning about percentages. Here are some pictures of us representing 50%
We have turned ourselves into Egyptian Pharaohs!
We took pictures of our faces and created headdresses based on King Tutankhamun's.
We then created our own Egyptian style background to put our faces onto!
As you can see, we have been working really hard to get our 3D pyramids correct!
In PE, we have been doing OAA (Outdoor Adventurous Activity). We have been looking at skills such as team building.
In this video you can see that we are trying to complete this obstacle course with a cup of water in our hand and we are aiming to keep as much of it as we can in the cup. We have been coaching each other and cheering each other on. There were points awarded for the quickest team, the team with the most water in the jug at the end and the team that showed the most sportsmanship.
"I like doing this activity because it has made me better at balancing, especially whilst having to hold stuff!"