Lime Class Year 5

Welcome to Lime Class!
Lime Class Spellings: 26/4/19 to 10/5/19

though         although        dough       doughnut through       cough             trough      rough     tough           enough 


Build Me A Bridge
On Thursday 28th March Lime Class had a DT day. We have been learning about different aspects of America including some of it's famous structures such as The Golden Gate Bridge. 
We decided to plan, design and build our own model bridges (just in case they need a replacement for The Golden Gate Bridge). 
I was so impressed with the teamwork from everyone. They shared ideas beautifully and worked hard to share the responsibilities for the different steps of the build. As you can see from the pictures they came up with some great designs. They had to work out how much of each material they would need, measure it accurately and cut it themselves using the saws. 
They were very proud of their designs, but the really exciting part came when we tested the strength of the bridges. We placed weights onto the bridges and amazingly all of them held 4.8kg without any problems. Very good structural design from Lime Class. 
Fire Service Visit
On Thursday (28.2.19) year 5 were lucky enough to receive a special visit from West Sussex Fire and Rescue Service. 
They learnt all about fire safety, how to keep themselves and their family safe from fire, how to check their smoke alarms and what to do if a fire was to break out near them. 
They learnt the important phrase of 'Get out. Stay out. Call 999'. 
The firefighters set year 5 the task of checking their home for smoke detectors and testing them every Tuesday to make sure they are working. 
In addition to learning about fire safety, year 5 enjoyed looking around the fire engine and even had the chance to spray the fire hose. 
A fantastic, memorable visit for the two classes. 
Science Week 
What a fantastic week Lime class have had. 
I am so impressed by their enthusiasm for science this week and all the scientific understanding they have shown. I think we definitely have some future scientists amongst us. 
We managed to fit in lots of different investigations this week including: 
Exploring air resistance through designing and making parachutes to protect eggs from breaking. There were only a couple of egg fatalities, most of the parachutes worked well to save the eggs. 
We investigated Bernoulli's theory of flight using a hairdryer and a plastic ball.
We learnt about Isaac Newton's laws of motion during our PE lesson. I wonder if the children can remember the three laws of motion? 
We investigated surface tension using coins and washing up liquid, sent a rocket to the moon (well a hoop acting as a moon) and finally we tested out water resistance by designing and making streamlined boats. 
Phew, what a busy but exciting week it has been, check out the photos below for a sample of what we have been doing. 
Szymon and Evie really enjoyed science week as well, they wrote this to share with everyone on the website: 


Wow what a wonderful start to Science Week!

We are loving our experiments. They are so fun.

We are learning about forces.

We were doing an experiment on air resistance and gravity like Bernoulli.

We used a hair dryer and a medium sized ball and we turned the hair dryer and put the ball on top of it.

We did another experiment with an egg and a parachute.  Szymon and Rory came 1st, Lily and Evie came 2nd.

There are loads of other forces like: water resistance, pull, push and friction.

                             By Evie and Szymon!

Our Trip to the Planetarium!
We had a great time at the planetarium! It was amazing to see Chichester at night and learn about the star constellations. We also were interested to see the planets that are currently visible with the naked eye from Earth! We got to see the size of the International Space Station and what the astronauts get up to when they are inside. We had a demonstration that showed us how day and night occurs and also the different phases of the moon, which linked with our lunar calendar homework. We were interested to learn that we only ever see one side of the moon from Earth! To finish off we completed a quiz where we had to retrieve information from the boards in the planetarium and learn some interesting facts! The people at the planetarium were very pleased with our behaviour and they said that we asked some brilliant questions!
Science Day
For Science Day, we linked our learning to our topic; Space. We started off by looking at pictures of auroras and were amazed by their beautiful colours and the way they seem to dance in the sky! We had a go at creating our own versions of the auroras using oil pastels, they turned out really great! We then did some research into what causes auroras and wrote a scientific write up which explained. This was tricky but it allowed us to learn some scientific language and write a high level piece of writing.
In the afternoon we found out what meteorites were and did some research into the size of craters. We did some post-it planning and then investigated our chosen question. Some of us changed the weight of our meteorite, whilst others changed the height of the drop. We had to think about making the test fair so that our results were reliable.
Children In Need
Science We have been really excited about this topic and have loved the learning that we have done already. This week we were discussing sizes of planets in comparison to each other and the sun. We used food items to show this comparison and learnt that Venus and Earth are twin sized planets. We spent some time measuring the planets’ distances from the sun and each other and when we scaled down the distances we were amazed to see how far from the sun Neptune really is!
Maths Week
For Maths Week we have kicked off our new topic by investigating calories needed for a spacewalk. We found out that on average an astronaut needs 1100 extra calories on the day they have an EVA (extra vehicular activity). We looked at the amount of calories in space food and designed an EVA meal that we thought an astronaut might like. We then went on to work out the total cost of this meal and how much it would cost to feed astronauts doing EVAs for 6 months. 
This term our topic is
Reach for the Stars
Science - Materials
This week we learnt the words 'soluble' and 'insoluble' and tested household items to see which category they fitted into. We found out that some of them depended how much water they had and the temperature of the water. The warmer the water, the faster the salt dissolved.
We also decided that it was lucky that we all found out that sand is insoluble, otherwise we wouldn't have any beaches!
English - The Princess' Blankets
In English, we are reading The Princess' Blankets because we are learning about fairytales. This book is about a Princess who is finding it impossible to get warm and her dad (the King) is looking for a volunteer to try to warm her. A stranger tries a variety of blankets, but none of them are successful.
We have been summarising parts of this text in under 20 words to get us to think about the key events. We have also designed and created our own blanket that we are going to write a beautiful description for. We got to take on the roles of the people in the palace and act out whether they believed the stranger should be allowed into the kingdom or not.
WWO Days
To start the school year off we took part in some trust exercises. One of the activities that we did was to lead our blindfolded partner through some pairs of cones without touching them. We then tried to do it with our own code of sounds! It was tricky but it made us think what it would be like to not have our sight. It also made us listen really clearly to our partner's instructions; which had to be really good!
Maths Investigation Day
For Maths Investigation Day, we took part in a variety of activities. We made a human Place Value grid and used our bodies to create a 6-digit number.
We also took a pile of 6-digit numbers to see if we could order them from smallest to largest. We even challenged Mrs Calton to an ordering race, but no one has been able to beat her...yet!
Finally, we were given some clues to a cake investigation and we had to find the total weight and price of the cake! It was fun and we had to work together to decide on the clues that we needed the most.
This term our topic is:
Keen to be Green
We have started to discuss and learn about what it means to 'be green' and how important it is to look after our environment and planet. We have been reading and writing our own poetry that aims to encourage the reader to be eco friendly.
Our PE days are Tuesday and Thursday.
It is advised that PE kit stays in school for the week for clubs and in case there is a reason for PE to change days.
Water Bottles
Please make sure that your child comes to school with a named water bottle.
School clothes and PE kits often get misplaced so please make sure that your child's name is visible on all their clothing including PE bags so that their items can be returned to them if they get lost.
Homework will be set most weeks on a Friday and unless specified, will be due in the following Wednesday. Children are expected to read either to an adult at home or to themselves and sign their reading record every time so that we can keep a track at school. If your child reads competently to themselves, ask them some questions about the book so that you can see if they have understood what they have read.
We also expect children to regularly practise their times tables. This is a fundamental skill and the quicker and more fluent they are at this, the better their understanding of Maths will be.