Oak Class Year 6

Welcome to Oak Class
We are working hard to write amazing settings for our survival stories.  We have learnt about cohesion, modal verbs and parenthesis. 
Survival night 
We spent a night at school surviving !  We read our survival stories and used the torches,we designed and made, to find our way in the dark. It was very dark.  It was a fun night  despite not having a lot of sleep.
Oct 2018
In Oak class we designed and made our own Geocity. We used our knowledge of 2D and 3D shapes to design a city. We re-visited lots of mathematical vocabulary like parallel and perpendicular  We worked together using our WWO skills. Skills we particularly used were communication and problem solving. 
Year 6 Residential
We had a great week learning how to work together, challenging ourselves and having enormous fun. Thank you to all the staff and parents who made this residential possible. 
We love fractions!
Child in Need 
This year we supported children in need by taking part in a sponsored walk. 
Science day Nov 2018
Can you make a tall chocolate tower?
We melted chocolate to 'weld' together edible items to create super-yummy chocolate structures. We learnt about what made a strong structure and the change of states of materials. We also used our scientific skills 
We used WWO skills such as Negotiation, Teamwork and Trust.
We have been representing our thinking in Maths using equipment. It has helped us to understand our learning. 
Christmas Numicon designs for Christmas jumper day.
We did our own secret Santa...
Working With Others Day  Jan 2019 
This terms focus is communication.   We played survival and worked together to decide which 10 items we would take with us.   We decided that we needed to improve our clarification questions so we could improve our communication and be more successful in group activities.
PE - Tag Rugby 
This term we have been learning how to play Tag Rugby.  We really liked playing mini tournaments and working together as a team.
Maths of the day - Outdoor Learning 
We had a fun day running around the field practicing our arithmetic skills and finding missing angles.