Willow Class Year 5

We have started the year in Willow class with Working with Others activities. We worked together in partners to produce portraits of all the members of the class. We found out we know lots of words to describe feelings. 
This week we have been learning about Millions. We used base 10 equipment to represent millions. We found lots of different ways to do this. 
In Maths Week we designed, planned and made a meal for an astronaut. We calculated the calories, mass and cost of the meal. 
Science Day
Today in Willow class we investigated why the moon has different sized craters. We dropped balls, from different heights, and measured the diameter of the crater. We found out the higher the ball, the wider the crater. We learnt to draw tables, repeat readings and use scientific vocabulary. 
We had FUN.... and learnt a lot. Willow class 
Slime ...slime...slime....slime....
We made slime today as part of Science Day. 
We found out we could stretch it and make bubbles!
We asked questions. 
How long can we stretch it ? 
How long can you keep a bubble?
We went to Cineworld in Chichester to watch a film called 'Our Beautiful Planet'. It was in 3D and we felt we were actually on the International Space Station. The view of Earth from Space was amazing particularly at night. 
This week we won the Attendance cup!  The first time this year. Even the Christmas Elf celebrated with us. 
We all made a Christingle.  The whole school went in the hall to learn more about Christingle and we reflected on Christmas whils the candle was lit. 
Science Week January 2018
Some quotes from the week
'I really enjoyed the science fair ... as we got to see what the rest of the school was doing'
'The Ice Balloons were amazing, I loved when we turned the lights off and shone torches through them. The ice balloon looked like the moon'
'Seeing how the washing up liquid effected the surface tension was really great to watch... '
Here are a few Photos from the week. 
We have started reading our new class book.  The book is called Varjak Paw. We predict the book is going to be an adventure book.  
Its a mystery. We took our fingerprints and investigated the whirls, arches and loops. 
Internet Safety Day. We discussed how to use the internet in a positive way. We made key rings to help remind us of the key messages.
Please see below for  the Year 3/4, and  Year 5/ 6 statutory spelling lists. Every child in Year 5 has been given an appropriate list to work towards learning. A copy has been sent home. Please read the instructions. Little and often is key, as well as making it fun. See the games to play document. We will be working on these in class as well. Many thanks.
Educational visit to Paultons Park. 
We learnt how to make soap and  how soap cleans clothes. We went on lots of rides and rollercoasters. It was really interesting to find out how the rollercoaster rides were designed and the forces involved. It was a great day ... even though a bit wet. 
Mr Hillier gave a talk about the Battle of Britain. We asked questions about British and German planes. We also discussed why the Battle of Britain was important.
We had a Spitfire fly past today! Thank you Mr Hillier. 
Art activity inspired by our Spitfire fly past.