Chestnut Class

Welcome to Chestnut Class page
We are really looking forward to an exciting year of learning. Please keep checking our class page for more information.
Spring 1 - Unsinkable
Our topic this half term is 'Unsinkable' where we will learn about the history of the Titanic and its tragic journey. We will be reading ‘Samson’s Titanic Journey’ in English to fully immerse ourselves into our topic. We will also visit the SeaCity Museum where we will take part in a workshop and explore different artefacts. 
We thought about which material would be the best insulator. We carried out an experiment to see which material would keep an ice cube cold. 
We also explored melting and tested the most effective way to melt a piece of chocolate.  
Autumn 2 - Up in Smoke
Our topic this half term is 'Up in Smoke' where we will be learning about the Great Fire of London. 
Maths Week 2023
Chestnut Class have been exploring the time. We focused on o'clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to. We created our own clocks to help us tell the time and explored looking at 5 minute intervals. 
Sports for Champions
We were very lucky to have a visit by professional footballer, Chloe Peplow. We completed lots of different sporting exercises with her.
Fire Service Visit
During our Fire Service visit we learnt what to do in case of an emergency and how to stay safe around dangerous appliances. We learnt lots of different rhymes to remember the information. We also got to explore the equipment on a fire engine and sat inside the fire truck.
Autumn 1 - Field to Fork
Our topic this half term is 'Field to Fork' where we will be focusing on food and where it comes from in Geography and what plants need to survive in Science.
Our main text in English is, 'Avocado Asks' by Momoko Abe.
Goodwood Farm Trip
We had a great visit to Goodwood Farm. We learnt about the different crops grown on the farm. We got to explore the dairy farm. Looking at how cows are milked and the variety of different dairy products that are made.
We were given some cream and had to shake this to turn into butter - we got to try our own butter on some crackers.
After lunch, we went on a forestry walk to learn about different trees and wildlife in the woods. 
Finally, we explored the importance of beehives, sheep and pigs on the farm. 
Maths Investigation Day
During Maths Investigation Day we explored which Numicon Shapes we were able to cover the Peg Board with. We made predictions as to which Shapes we thought we would be able to, and then shared our findings.
We also explored creating patterns and pictures using the Cuisenaire Rods. 
Science Week
During 'Science Week' we were focusing on materials and their uses and linked this to our new Titanic topic.
We explored the properties of materials and whether materials were manmade or natural. We sorted classroom objects into different materials and described their properties. 
In the afternoon we played a game of 'Crack the Code'. We had to solve different number problems hiding in the outdoor area. We then had to check to see which letter each number was linked too. Finally, we had to unscramble the letters to work out the hidden code.
Afterwards we tried to create our own number codes for our friends.
Finally, to end the week we explored using materials to create a lifejacket. We had lots of fun during the week and enjoyed sharing everything we had learnt at the Science Fair to the rest of the school.
Home Learning in Year 2
Home learning will be set weekly on Seesaw. Please find below a Home Learning Menu for the year. Please choose one of the tasks and complete it over the relevant half-term.