Online Safety

On Safer Internet Day 2019, the children have been learning about making positive choices online, what makes a good online friend and discussing how they might handle tricky situations. Take a look at some of the activities the children took part in below. 
What is Online Safety?
We live in an ever changing, technological world. Our children are able to share information, make friends and interact socially, all at the touch of a button......
Online safety is about knowing  and understanding the positives of living in a connected world but also, the negative aspects this can bring. It teaches children the skills to know what might happen, what to do and who to turn to should they encounter a problem.
At Bartons, Online-safety is taught every term and is relevant to the class and needs of the year group. We ensure that when the children go online, they are aware of how to keep safe.
Safer Internet Day 2018 - The Power of images
Take a look at the SMART rules the children made on Safer Internet Day 2016