School Council

Team Bartons School Council
Our elected School Council are a really vital part of Team Bartons. There are 12 elected representatives from Years 1 - 6. In September we hold class elections to choose our new representatives for this year. These children have the important job of representing the children in their school. 
In the past, the school council have been involved in important decisions for their school such as choosing the playground markings and the new pirate ship climbing frame. They also helped to plan a sponsored walk and wrote and performed their own assembly about safety at school. Each year the school council are responsible for planning a fundraising event for Children in Need. Last year they organised a Pudsey Disco.
They have some great ideas and are keen to make Team Bartons 'the best'!
Congratulations to our newly elected School Council members. The new council will meet with Mrs A Powell every fortnight to discuss school events and issues.  
The School Council for 2020-21 are:
Beech Class: Elise and Charlie
Chestnut Class: Ruby-Rose and Euan
Hazel Class: Beatrix and William
Ash Class: Ruby and Oliver
Lime Class: Harrie and Leo
Cedar Class: Livia and Bradley
Comic Relief March 2021 - Tell us a joke
Team Bartons needed a good laugh together after another long partial school closure.  We all came to school dressed in crazy clothes or as a hero. The school council also invited every child to tell their best joke to their class.  Each class voted for their favourite and the jokes were shared in a whole school assembly. 
Here are the winning jokes for each class:  
Elm Class - Charlie
How do you start a teddy bear race?  Ready, Teddy, Go!
Beech Class - Lillia
How do dinosaurs say hello? Nice to eat you!
Chestnut Class - Harry R
What is a frog's favourite drink? Croaka Cola!
Hazel Class - Harry P
What is a dog's favourite dinosaur film? Jurassic Bark!
Ash Class - Grace
Why do bananas make good spies?  They keep their eyes peeled!
Lime Class - Maya
Why did the M&Ms go to school? Because they wanted to be smarties!
Cedar Class - Holly
What does a house wear? A dress!
Children in Need 2020
The school council challenged everyone to fill a mini money box with coins.  There was a prize for the child who collected the most money in each class and a prize for the class with the largest total.  Beech Class were the winners - Well done Beech Class.
Children In Need 2019
The School Council made a list of the events they wanted to host and each class voted.  A Pudsey themed disco was the unanimous winner.  There were some fantastic moves on show and they raised over £400. Well done everyone.
Outdoor Learning Day - 20th May 2019
As part of Outdoor Learning Day the School Council teamed up with the Eco Squad to create a Bug Hotel in the pond area. Brilliant team work everyone!
The Big Battery Hunt - February 2019
The School Council led assembly to launch the Big Battery Challenge.  A battery recycling bin will be in reception - please get collecting.  We could win some prizes!
FAB Locality School Council Day - March 2019
The Year 5 School Council members were invited to go to Felpham Community College for a environmental learning day.  They enjoyed working with other children from the schools in Felpham and Bognor.  
Children in Need - November 2018
This year the School Council organised and ran a very successful sponsored walk. All the children took part - they enjoyed the walking, the music and some interesting cheerleading by the adults! We will let you know how much we have raised when all of the sponsor money has been collected. Thank you for your support with this event. 
UK Parliament Week
This year the school council took part in activities to learn more about the UK Parliament.  They completed word searches, learned more about voting and how women campaigned to be able to vote. They also learned about how their role in School Council is similar to the role of a Member of Parliament. They  made pledges about what they would want to do if they were the Prime Minister. Some of these are on display in school. 
School Council Cake Sale
The school council held a cake sale and raised £92.00.  They suggested and voted on the toys they would like to purchase for the 'Quiet zone' and the 'Chill Out Zone' on the playground.  These toys will be used from September 2018.
Children in Need 2017
The School Council members chose to run the Pudsey Pipe Challenge to raise money for Children in Need. Each class brought into school as many coins as they could.  The school council members went from class to class to see who could fill the pipe the fullest with their coins.  Lime Class were the winners - well done! 
Mini 'WE' Day at The Regis Academy
The school council members from Year 5 and 6 took part in Mini 'WE' day.  They learned all about the contributions 'WE' can make to support charities and people living in more difficult circumstances than us.