School Council

Team Bartons School Council
Our elected School Council are a really vital part of Team Bartons. There are 12 elected representatives from Years 1 - 6. In September we hold class elections to choose our new representatives for this year. These children have the important job of representing the children in their school. 
In the past, the school council have been involved in important decisions for their school such as choosing the playground markings and the new pirate ship climbing frame. They also help to plan fundraising events as well as promoting recycling projects.   Each year the School Council get involved in a special project. Last year they created a time capsule which has been buried on the Bersted Park Estate. 
They have some great ideas and are keen to make Team Bartons 'the best'!
Congratulations to our newly elected School Council members. The new council will meet regularly with Mrs A Powell to discuss school events and issues.  
The School Council for 2022-23 are:
Beech Class: Neve and Milo
Chestnut Class: Tequila and Oscar
Hazel Class: Milly and Ben
Ash Class: Maria and Fabian
Lime Class: Harry and Daisy
Cedar Class: Julia and Elijah

School Library @Worthing Library - December 2022

The Key Stage Two School Councillors were invited to visit the School Library in the basement at Worthing Public Library.  They were able to choose 150 non-fiction books to add to the collection in the brand new school library.  When the books arrived in school the School Council enjoyed putting them on the shelves. It was a brilliant visit and fuelled the Team Bartons love of reading. Thank–you to the Schools Library Team.


Schools Library Bus - November 2022

This term the library bus returned to school after along break due to the pandemic.  The school councillors from each class took a selection of books to exchange from the packed shelves.  These books are now in the library for everyone to share.


Children in Need - November 2022

As usual the School Council organised events for Children in Need. This year we held a pyjama day, a cake sale and we hosted ‘Bartons’ Spotacular Bake Off’.

Everyone had a great time and the grand total we raised was £405. Well done everyone – thank you for your support.


The Queen's Commemorative Tree - October 2022

In memory of Queen Elizabeth II we have planted a magnolia tree in the ‘Bartons Beach Outside Oasis.’  The magnolia is a variety called Elizabeth.  The Queen requested that the flowers laid in honour of her life should be collected and composted.  We collected the flowers left at Holy Cross Church and they will feed the new tree. Our local councillor Keir Greenway came along for the official planting ceremony. He presented us with a Bee Hotel.  We can’t wait to see our tree flower in the spring.

Autumn Disco - November 2022

The FOBS ‘Friends of Bartons’ requested a playlist for the Autumn Disco.  Julia and Elijah arranged a school council meeting.  They explained the task to all of the councillors and sent them off to collect a list of brilliant tracks to dance too.  The final playlist kept us all dancing all evening. Well done Julia and Elijah.
The Queen's Platinum Jubilee - Spring/Summer 2022

On 6th February 2022 the Queen become the first British monarch to celebrate a Platinum Jubilee, marking a 70-year reign. We celebrated the jubilee on 10th June by organising a Street Party for the whole school.  We worked out the menu and costings and then planned the shopping list too.  We gave each class the materials to make their own Union Jack flags and everyone made a party hat. We sang the National Anthem.  During the day we also had a concert and each class performed.  It was a day filled with fun!

Red Nose Day 2022


We all enjoyed coming to school wearing non-uniform and our red noses on Friday 18th March.  The School Council arranged two fun activities.  'Pin the red nose on the teacher' gave us all a good laugh and the 'Red Nose Hunt' was enjoyed by everyone. 

Here are the winners of the ‘Pin the Red Nose on the Teacher’ and ‘Red Nose Hunt’ activities.


Pin the Red Nose

Red Nose Hunt

Elm Class



Beech Class



Chestnut Class

Henry and Corey


Hazel Class



Ash Class

Emily S


Lime Class



Cedar Class




 The Berkeley Homes Time Capsule Project - December 2021

Team Bartons were invited to work with Berkeley Homes to commemorate the completion of the Bersted Park housing estate where our school is located.  The Time Capsule contents include information and items which represent life in 2021. It has been buried on the estate in the Italian Gardens near to the sundial. We attended the ceremony to place it in the ground.  Some of us even got to use the shovel and throw the dirt in on top of the capsule. Berkeley Homes created a press release and we were mentioned in the Bognor Observer newspaper.  The Time Capsule will be buried for 25 years – we wonder if any members of Team Bartons will be there when it is dug up?

Children in Need  - November 2021

As usual the School Council organised an event for Children in Need. This year we decided to compete the Pudsey Penny challenge.  Each class was given a large outline of Pudsey and the challenge was to fill it in with 10p’s.  Lots of 10p’s were collected and the grand total raised was £423.30 This included the money from our non-uniform day too! 

Recycling Project - October 2021

We started the year by reinstating the Big Battery Hunt to encourage everyone to recycle batteries and prevent them from ending up in landfill sites.  We also introduced a scheme to recycle ink cartridges. We launched the initiative in assembly.  We have already filled two boxes. Great start Team Bartons!