Science at Bartons
Science is one of the most exciting and interesting topics in education! At Bartons we are enthusiastic about science and like to investigate and experiment with science whenever we can.
We regularly have Science days so we can immerse ourselves with the learning and the get involved in more in depth investigations. This year our science day is on Monday 15th November 2021.  
Science week take place from the 4th January to the 7th 2022. We will hold our popular Science fair at the end of the week. 
Useful Links -
The websites below will support your child to revisit some of their science learning. Your children may also wish to visit the experiment website and conduct some amazing investigations.
Science experiments at home
Hi everyone,
Mr Hayne here! Science is super exciting and it shouldn't just be for school. Why not have a go at some of these great experiments at home, with friends and family? I'm sure you are going to create a lot of mess and have a lot of fun.
Remember to let me know about any investigations you have a go at but please bring in some photos to show what you did and how much fun you had!
Check out the useful links - Science Bob for some amazing experiments you can complete at home.
Mr Hayne
Previous Science Week - 
We start the week with a science assembly and we are introduced to the challenge for the week! Mr Hayne asks us to work in our classes to create an investigation to share at a science fair on Friday. 
Mr Hayne works with some scientists from each class during the week. Challenging their understanding and conducting an investigation.
Below are some of the pictures from some of our previous Science fairs -