October 2019 
Our current Maths Working Walls ...
September 2019                   Times Table Rock Stars 
Times Table Rock Stars proved to be hugely popular last term and helped children to make considerable progress in learning their times table. We are now rolling out Times Table Rock Stars  across the whole school.
Rock Stars is continually improving with new features; this year, it has new tools which help to assess each child's current times table knowledge in order to tailor questions to suit their needs and also give feedback to teachers.
Any questions about Rock Stars please see Class Teachers.
September 2019
Important update  - My Maths 
100% of MyMaths homework activities are now tablet friendly and all lesson content is now  also available without the need for 'Flash' 
Any questions see Class Teachers. 
Numicon Advocate School Award 
The school embarked on a Maths teaching and learning approach called Numicon two years ago. Over that time, the school has invested heavily in classroom resources and training for school staff. The programme uses manipulative equipment to make Maths understanding clearer and more meaningful. Our children and staff very quickly enjoyed and embraced the resource based Maths teaching and, across the school, Maths has become a very popular subject.

I am thrilled to announce that after much  discussion with the Oxford University Press and an intense audit of Maths teaching and learning, Bartons have been awarded the  honour of becoming a Numicon Advocate school that recognises very good progress made in Maths and the quality teaching of the subject. It also allows us to help other schools in their journey by showing great examples of Maths teaching the Numicon way. What makes this award even more special is that we will be the only Numicon Advocate school in the whole of Sussex. I would like to say thank you to the staff who have positively embraced the  programme and worked so hard. Special thanks to Lynne Lewis who co-ordinates Maths across the school and who supports the staff and children so well.


Since January 2017 we have been using the Numicon approach to teach Maths. The children have taken part in engaging and fun Maths activities and the video below shows our journey so far.
At the recent Maths meeting for parents, the maths team shared the key concepts behind the Numicon approach. Children have regular experiences of concrete apparatus to help them with their learning and to deepen their Maths understanding.
Feedback from the Maths meeting for parents was really positive and we will be running more in the future. Please let us know what you would like to know more about.
Comments from parents 22/05/2017
'I think Mymaths is a great idea'
'I like how Numicon is very visual and caters for all learners'
' I have more idea about how to help at home knowing how Maths is being taught at school'
'The staff and the children are very enthuastic about Maths'
The Calculation and Progression Policy is a user friendly document that explains how we teach Maths across the school. 
MyMaths is an on-line resource used in school and set as homework. Children have their own login to access MyMaths. This is a useful resource as there are on-line lessons that can be accessed at home. These lessons support Maths learning in school. 
Please ask Class Teachers for further information. 
Maths Week at Bartons Primary Week.  Oct 2017
We have had fun exploring Maths this week.  The focus of the week was Problem Solving and Reasoning. Over the week we have used a range of equipment and sentence starters to support our learning.