Accelerated Reader

Reading is a vital part of our school.
Accelerated Reader
When we are ready we get to take a STAR test which tells us which books we can choose from the library. After we have read it, we can take a quiz on it where we have to try and score over 80% to show we understood the book. 
We know that many children like to read their favourite books from home and lots of these books are already on Accelerated Reader. It is so important for children to develop a love of reading, therefore if a book from home is within their ZPD level, then of course your child can read this as their school book. You can look up a book to see what level it is (and how many words the book has) at this website: 
Whole School Word Count:


Class word counts:
Cedar - 7,103,314
Oak - 3,080,646
Willow - 2,865,679
Lime - 1,350,137
Ash - 1,335,178
Hazel - 313,519
Chestnut - 355,017
Beech - 20,458

Quiz averages: November
Oak - 89.7%
Hazel - 88.5%
Chestnut - 87.8%
Beech - 86.9%
Lime - 85.8%
Willow - 83.0%
Cedar - 82.4%
Ash - 69.2%
Word Millionaires!
Who is going to be the first?
Last year our Word Millionaires were:
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Last year our school total was:
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Parents were invited to a meeting about how we use Accelerated Reader in our school. Click below to see the PowerPoint from the meeting.