Accelerated Reader

Reading is a vital part of our school.
Accelerated Reader
When we are ready we get to take a STAR test which tells us which books we can choose from the library. After we have read it, we can take a quiz on it where we have to try and score over 80% to show we understood the book. 
Class word counts:
Cedar - 1,627,297
Willow - 1,203,171
Oak - 721,334
Ash - 406,825
Lime - 269,676
Hazel - 107,622
Chestnut - 68,647

Quiz averages: September
Oak - 88.5%
Chestnut - 85.2%
Cedar - 83.6%
Willow - 78.9%
Lime - 78.4%
Hazel - 78.0%
Ash - 73.7%
Word Millionaires!
Who is going to be the first?
Last year our Word Millionaires were:
Will they do it again this year?
Last year our school total was:
The year before it was:
Parents were invited to a meeting about how we use Accelerated Reader in our school. Click below to see the PowerPoint from the meeting.