School Council

Team Bartons School Council
Our elected School Council are a really vital part of Team Bartons. There are 16 elected representatives from Years 1 - 6. In September we hold class elections to choose our new representatives for this year. These children have the important job of representing the children in their school. 
In the past, the school council have been involved in important decisions for their school such as choosing the playground markings and the new pirate ship climbing frame. They also helped to plan a sponsored walk and wrote and performed their own assembly about safety at school.
Last year representatives of our school council have taken part in our locality School Council Day, surveyed their classes about after school clubs and planned future meetings. They have some great ideas and are keen to make Team Bartons 'the best'!
Congratulations to our newly elected School Council members. The new council will meet with Mrs A Powell every fortnight to discuss school events and issues.  
The School Council for 2018-19 are:
Beech Class: Archie and Amelia
Chestnut Class: Jenson and maisy
Hazel Class: Logan and Ellie-May
Ash Class: Peter and Carys 
Lime Class: James and Alexis
Willow Class: Tyler and Rosie
Cedar Class: Liam and Katie
Oak Class: Dave and Zuzanna
Children in Need
The School Council members chose to run the Pudsey Pipe Challenge to raise money for Children in Need. Each class brought into school as many coins as they could.  The school council members went from class to class to see who could fill the pipe the fullest with their coins.  Lime Class were the winners - well done! 
Mini 'WE' Day at The Regis Academy
The school council members from Year 5 and 6 took part in Mini 'WE' day.  They learned all about the contributions 'WE' can make to support charities and people living in more difficult circumstances than us.