Writing at Bartons
At Bartons we follow the National Curriculum for writing, adapting it to suit our children.
On this page you will find out about our approach to writing, alongside information about spelling and handwriting.
At Bartons we believe children should consider themselves authors and love writing. 
We follow a writing journey which includes immersive activities to encourage the children to really understand the text type, characters, plot, setting and so much more.
We then move on to the teach stage. During this stage we teach GPS and writing skills which may include class shared writing.
The children will then have the opportunity to apply these skills during compose lessons. Where they will have the opportunity to plan, draft, edit and improve their work.
Children have commented that they already prefer this 'new' approach to writing.  
Grammar and Punctuation
Grammar terms are taught through writing and reading, with the children using the correct vocabulary. We understand that many of these terms are new to many parents so these glossaries may help.
Useful Websites
These are some useful links to support your child.
We are promoting high expectations of the children's handwriting through using our handwriting continuum. Then the children achieve their targets they receive a certificate. They can even get a pen licence.
English Parents Meeting - check back soon for the next meeting date!
In the Spring Term 2019 the English team held a parents meeting where we discussed how to help your child.
Parent Comments:
What went well?...
- found it all very interesting. I've a better understanding of how to help our children.
- explanation of curriculum and structure of learning.
- the access to the writing website was very good.
- understanding the levels expected.
- learning about cursive letter writing and letterjoin.
Comments from parents:
"Great meeting, it really helps to understand more about the way children are learning English at school."
"The glossary is very useful to understand all the different grammar terms."
"I really am concerned about my child coming home and I can't help them so more parent tuition would be great."
"Very informative - look forward to more!"