Congratulations and welcome to all of our new children and families who will be joining us in September. We can't wait to meet you.

Ash Class

Welcome to the Year 4 class page
Here you will find information and recent learning from Ash class. Please check back regularly to see what we have been up to.
Year 4 Team 
Class Teacher 
Mrs Lewis
Teaching Assistant
Miss Geall
How can you help at home?
Please support your child to read and practise their times tables regularly. 10 mins a day is more effective than once a week.

Homework in Ash class

We believe that education is a life-long process.  A child’s education does not cease when they leave our school premises; learning at home is an essential part of good education.


Home Learning is any work or activity completed outside lesson time, either alone, with parents, or others. Home Learning makes an important contribution to progress at school. It is used to enhance and support the pupils’ learning within school and also to prepare them for secondary school.


Extract taken from Bartons Homework policy 


We have been exploring how to use oil pastels to draw Poppies. We have learnt several new techniques.  
Science Week 2024 
We have been learning about digestion and teeth. We started the week by finding out about the organs in the digestive system and then writing an explanation called 'How does the digestive system work?'
We set up an investigation to find out 'Which drinks cause tooth decay?' We observed eggs in different liquids to find out what sugar and acid might do to our teeth.
Book Week 2024 
We had so many opportunities to enjoy reading this week. From sharing our favourite stories, to listening and asking questions to authors. We enjoyed our class book Spider Stamped by Ali Sparks. Reading the book, completing fun activities and speaking to Ali Sparks inspired us to write our own stories.  
Active Maths Day 2024 
The weather was not kind to us this year - it was very windy! 
We enjoyed Times table dancing, a seasonal Numicon activity about the fraction of birds that visit the garden and Maths duels. 
It was great to revisit some previous Maths learning and show what we could do.  
Team Rubicon Skateboard workshop 
We were taught by  professional skateboarders. They taught us how to wear the safety equipment so we were protected. It was great fun. 
Essential information 
  • From 23/04/24 PE is on a Wednesday and Friday. Please come to school in your school PE Kit on these days. Please no earrings or jewellery on these days.
  • Remember a water bottle every day.
  • If the weather looks wet/cold, please remember a coat -we will be using the local area and the school grounds regularly.
  • Logins for TTRockstar, Mymaths, and Seesaw can be found on the inside of you child's reading record.  
Maths week 2023
The theme for Maths week 2023 was 'Maths in everyday life'
We have explored in depth symmetry and tessellation we can see around us. Next we designed  and made our own tile that tessellated. Our tiles fitted together without gaps or overlaps. 
Christmas 2023
Visit to Windsor castle 
To find out more about Tudor Monarchs we visited Windsor Castle.  We were able to visit St Georges Chapel and see where Henry VIII was buried. We were amazed by the beautiful stained glass windows  and the intricate carved ceiling.  We were also able to pay our respects to Queen Elizabeth II. 
Next we had a workshop - 'The changing power of the monarchy'. We learnt about absolute power of kings and queens. 
Creative Arts day 2024
Our theme was the school value 'Responsibility' 
We thought about what responsibility means to us in our daily lives and explored different motives we could use to represent it.   We experimented with  different techniques using charcoal and chalk. 
We reflected on our finished art work and look forward to seeing it coming together as one piece of art. 
We have been trying out the new activall boards. Our school councillors explained the safety rules and how to use the boards.  We are looking forward to exploring the different games and having fun. 
Outdoor Learning Day
The weather was amazing and we spent the day outside learning. We began the day by walking a mile while reciting Times tables. Next we drew number lines  and divided them in 2, 4, 5 and 10 parts. We explored different ways of marking the number lines  using numbers and fractions.  Lastly we explored how musical instruments make a sound. This was very noisy!  We enjoyed using what we had learnt about 'pitch'  to make our own Pan Pipes.