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Working with Others

On Monday 13th December, the whole school enjoyed a Working With Others Christmas Day. The children were grouped with lots of different children from their class to complete different activities during the day.  
Each class was given a different day from the 12 Days of Christmas to create props and then perform their section of the song at the end of the day. 
We had lots of fun and it was lovely to see all the children working together as a school.
Our 12 Days of Christmas Song has been shared on Seesaw.
At Bartons we believe that it is very important for all children to develop their ability to work with others in collaboration as well as to develop their independence. For a number of years we have been part of the Working with Others (WWO) programme and we have worked hard to embed this throughout the school.
WWO is a collaborative learning approach which supports the development of skills in building positive relations and ways of successfully working with other people especially in groups. WWO is well known to many schools in West Sussex, with a 14 year track record of successful impact in learning in the early years and across the primary school phase.
During Science Week, in January, the entire school were put into mixed age groups to work together on a variety of exciting STEM activities. These included, racing paper dragons, making and investigating parachutes, examining finger prints and producing rainbows.
The children used their WWO skills perfectly to work together and really enjoyed their activities, using some excellent vocabulary to talk about their learning.
Every week, each class has a special WWO assembly where they discuss the school value and the skills associated with it. During the assembly, one child is chosen to take the baton home and their task is to create a piece of work demonstrating the school value for the half-term. This is shared with their class the following week and the baton is passed on to another child. 
Their work is then added to a special WWO book and at the end of term, they are shared in a whole school assembly. The children really enjoy taking the baton home and their enthusiasm shows in the pieces of homework they produce.