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Online Safety

Online Safety At Bartons
All of the children at Bartons take part in regular online safety lessons throughout the year. We also recognise and celebrate Safer Internet Day in February each year, with a day full of online safety activities. 
Our teaching and learning activities cover a range of online safety issues including: 
  • Keeping safe online - how to keep personal information safe. 
  • Stranger danger - discussions around talking to strangers on the internet and what to do when someone you don't know tries to talk to you online. 
  • Making responsible choices - considering how much time we spend on screens and how this affects our wellbeing. 
  • Online relationships - how to ensure that we are kind to our friends online and what to do if someone is unkind to us online.
We are really proud of how well our children are able to recognise and discuss some of the issues they may face when navigating the online world. However the digital world is constantly changing and we recognise that our children need to have regular discussions at home and at school about new apps, games and social media sites.
To support parents in having these discussions at home, we have added below some of the latest information on the current apps, games and sites we are aware that many of our children use. 
Please find below some posters from National Online Safety showing how to ensure that your child is safe online.