Congratulations and welcome to all of our new children and families who will be joining us in September. We can't wait to meet you.

Walking to School

Walking To School
Many children live locally to Bartons and enjoy walking, cycling or scooter-ing to school with their parents or carers. As children get older and in preparation for secondary school, many parents ask about their children walking to school on their own.
At Bartons, we think it is sensible for Year 6 children to start to prepare for Year 7 by considering whether they are ready to walk to school on their own or with other children. With the consent of the parent and written permission given to the school, we are happy for this to happen. Some children in Year 5 may also want to walk to school on their own and if this was the case then we would expect the parent to discuss this with the school first and then provide the school with written permission. 
Children who are in year groups lower than Years 5 and 6 are not allowed to walk to school on their own. We feel that children are too young and are not responsible enough. The safety of the child is paramount and so we would not agree to this should parents ask. 
All children may cycle or scooter to school if they wish to. Most will be accompanied by an adult and we ask parents to make their child aware of other pedestrians and vehicles in order to keep themselves safe. We have bike and scooter racks by the front main gate where they can be left during the day. We do suggest that they are locked up securely and parents must understand that they are left at their own risk.