Congratulations and welcome to all of our new children and families who will be joining us in September. We can't wait to meet you.

Creative Arts Day 2023

                Creative Arts Day 2023
For Creative Arts Day this year, each class was given an artist or style of work as inspiration. 
Year 6: Looked at Salvador Dali.
Year 5: Looked at the  Art Deco style from the 1930s.
Year 4: Studied the work of Claude Monet.
Year 3: Experimented with a variety of techniques after looking at Aboriginal Art. 
Year 2: Made patterns in the style of Wassily Kandinsky.
Year 1: Looked at the work of Mondrian. 
Reception: Made lots of pictures using circles based on the work of Damian Hurst. 
We all explored the work of the artists and tried out different techniques to create our own artwork.  
Here are some examples of our work from the day.