Congratulations and welcome to all of our new children and families who will be joining us in September. We can't wait to meet you.

Elm Class

Welcome to Elms class page
This week the Reception team (Mrs Pett, Mrs Martin and Miss Reed) have been getting to know all our lovely new children and introducing them to our school. We have explored our classroom, outdoor learning area and even visited the rest of the classrooms!
Below are some photos of their first few sessions with us!
We believe that education is a life-long process.  A child’s education does not cease when they leave our school premises; learning at home is an essential part of good education. 
Home Learning is any work or activity completed outside lesson time, either alone, with parents, or others. Home Learning makes an important contribution to progress at school. It is used to enhance and support the pupils’ learning within school and also to prepare them for secondary school.             
From the Early Years simple games, learning sounds, counting and of course, reading with parents, provides valuable opportunities for the practice of key skills in a supportive environment.  As children get older they need to develop the habit of regularly devoting short periods of time to personal study.  All children are expected to take part in a variety of Home Learning tasks to enhance and support their work in class.
Over the course of the year children will be asked to complete one piece of homework a term from our home learning menu. Which can be added to seesaw our home/school communication app that will be accessable through a QR code in their monkey books. 
We are so excited to see which piece of work you choose to do each term!!

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Elm Class

Daily sound practice

Daily Numbots



One activity chosen from the class menu per half term.

Autumn 1
Our topic this half term is "Marvelous Me". During this term we will be focusing on what makes us unique. We will be reading stories to help us understand our emotions, explore our senses and identifying parts of our bodies.  
Below is our curriculum overview which details which topics we will be focussing on in class including a wide variety of learning and development for your children in Reception. 
This last week has been Maths week where we have been learning how to use our resources especially our Numicon. 
Have a look at some photos below that show how we used different everyday objects in our classroom to group, make repeating patterns, make shapes, count, match and so much more!!
Today we have had the pleasure of having the Fire service visit!
We had a lovely presentation in class, looked at the fire engine, asked lots of questions and even were allowed to go inside!
On Wednesday we had a Student Midwife come in to finish our topic on people who help us. The children loved listening to how her job works and asking lots of interesting questions about babies, mums and how their heart works.
Thank you so much to Mrs Price 
This week has been Science week where we have been learning about keeping our bodies Healthy. 
We have learnt about the food we should or shouldnt eat, how to keep our teeth, bodies, hands clean, how to look after our mental health by discussing feelings and having a good nights sleep and how to stay fit through various exercises. 
Below is our newsletter for the Spring term.
Today to kickstart our new topic 'once upon a time' we made Gingerbread men! 
The children loved guessing how much of each ingredient we needed, smelling the cinammon and ginger and mixing the ingredients together. 
This week we have been exploring books written by Peter Bentley such as 'The Shark in the Dark', 'Cats Ahoy', 'Shocktopus Octopus' and 'Those Magnificent Sheep in their Flying Machines'. He even came into school and shared some of his stories with us. 
During the week we have been acting out his stories, looked at rhymes and wrote with inspiration from his stories. We shared our favourite bed time stories with all our friends including Beech class. 
We have had such a lovely week. 
On Creative arts day we learnt new skills using brighly coloured pencils to show the Bartons value of happiness. We throught about the things that make us happy and we each had a little square to show what makes us happy. Our challenge was to fill the whole square with colour and leave no white! We are going to put our squares together to create a whole class happiness image. We can't wait to share it with you!
On our first day back we had an Active Maths day, where we played lots of fun games and practiced our maths skills at the same time! We played a Traffic jam game where we had to count the cars in the traffic jam, we had an easter egg hunt, we danced to music then added our body parts or cards together. It was so much fun and we all learnt so much! 
Farm trip!
This week as part of our topic: All creatures great and small, we visited Crimsham farm! While we were there we explored the farm, collected some eggs, groomed and fed the goats, discussed the animals, went on a bug hunt, saw their gardening area and saw a birds of prey show! 
It was such an exciting day and the children were truly excellent. Thank you to all our helpers for both or trips this week. 
Enrichment week
During enrichment week we learnt lots about the war including what life was like for children, what they wore, evacuees, the Blitz, Air Raid shelters, propaganda posters, rationing and so much more. 
We enjoyed our dress up day in 1940s clothing and danced to some music. We built lots of planes and shelters inspired by the war.